Mod U.K

A selection of images taken from Owen Harvey’s series, Mod U.K.

Featuring: Owen Harvey

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Owen Harvey


This project is a celebration of the UK’s current mod scene. Mod is a subculture that began in the late ’50s and has seen many variations to its original style throughout the years. From the influence of Italian jazz music, to that of The Who, and Vespa and Lambretta scooters, mod is still very prevalent. As a photographer, I was initially attracted to the visual style of this interesting subculture.

Alongside this, I have been interested in socioeconomics and after seeing this subculture described as “clean living under difficult circumstances” I knew I wanted to document this subculture in the UK as it currently exists. I have become very interested in what the term ‘mod’ actually represents. The word ‘mod’ is short hand for ‘modernist’, which would indicate something new and exciting but this subculture is based on something that first existed in the late 1950s. Because of this, the images try to hold a timeless quality to them, with no real indications of the time period in which they were made.


Owen Harvey’s photography looks at the notion of identity, specifically through youth groups and subcultures. His personal projects include documenting England’s mod and skinhead scenes over the last five years. This work has been exhibited at The Photographers’ Gallery, Royal Albert Hall, Brighton Photo Fringe, Liberty London, as well as many other galleries in the UK. Harvey’s personal work has been published by British Journal of Photography, Dazed and Confused, i-D Magazine, GUP Magazine, and many other related publications.

Alongside his personal projects, Harvey also works commercially and editorially for a range of clients, including Time inc., Financial Times Magazine, Jocks and Nerds Magazine, Sony Music, Fred Perry, and Farah Menswear, alongside others.


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