New York Magazine Presents: The 43-Day Fashion Shoot

Photographer Holly Andres started taking pictures in Portland, Oregon, on June 19, circled the nation, and ended in Missoula, Montana, on July 31. Along the way, she met American women – and the dressed them in some of the season’s clothes.

New York Magazine presents: The 43-Day Fashion Shoot

Featuring: Holly Andres

Presented by

New York Magazine

Curated by

Jody Quon


Thursday, September 14 | 7:30PM
Location: Beer Garden

To celebrate New York Fashion week, Photoville is partnering with New York Magazine and their Director of Photography Jody Quon in a discussion about the magazine’s history and approach to fashion. The talk will feature Holly Andres’ “The 43-Day Fashion Shoot,” a photo portfolio commissioned by the magazine, which sent Andres around the nation to meet American women and their Americas, dressing them in some of the season’s clothing.


Holly Andres is a fine art and commercial photographer known for her stylized cinematic scenarios, often inspired by her own childhood experiences. Her work has appeared in galleries and museums from Barcelona, Istanbul and Bogota, to New York, San Francisco and Atlanta — with viewers drawn to her often dark and mysterious or bright and witty photographs.

Andres regularly photographs editorial assignments for many prestigious publications including The New York Times Magazine, TIME, The New Yorkerand The California Sunday Magazine. Her fine art work has been featured in Art in America, Artforum, Exit Magazine, Art News, Modern Painters, British Journal of Photography, PDN, American Photo, Oprah Magazine, GlamourBustand Art Ltd., which profiled her as one of 15 emerging West Coast artists under the age of 35.


Her work has earned her numerous grants and awards, including the 2016 PDN Photo Annual in Advertising for a campaign she made in collaboration with Saks Fifth Avenue and Refinery29, as well as AI-IP American Photography awards for features in The California Sunday Magazine and TIME.


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