• an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico from the series The 2018 Blue Earth Project Creatives

The 2018 Blue Earth Project Creatives

19 Jul 2018 2018 CONTAINER

Blue Earth Alliance supports visual storytelling on critical environmental and social issues through direct assistance to photographers and a collaborative community of professionals.

Featuring: Daniel Beltrá, David Moskowitz, Deborah Espinosa, Eberhard Riedel, Greg Constantine, Greg Kahn, Jacob Maentz, Jake Naughton, Jamey Stillings, Jennifer Little, Julia Rendleman, Katherine Jack, Matt Eich, Michael Snyder, Mustafah Abdulaziz, Nita Winter, Richard Street, Rob Badger, Sarah Fretwell, Scott Brennan, Stephen Yang, Tim Matsui, Tom Reese

Presented by

Blue Earth Alliance in partnership with PhotoWings

Curated by

Lauren Owens Lambert





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Blue Earth Alliance believes visual storytelling inspires positive change. We provide fiscal sponsorship and other assistance to documentary photographers and filmmakers whose projects highlight critical environmental and social issues around the world.


Blue Earth currently sponsors documentary photographers and filmmakers working independently throughout the world on stories ranging from the effects of climate change on coastal communities throughout America, to conflicts over water rights and air quality in California’s Owens Valley to social issues on community displacement and LGBTQ refugees in East Africa. Several project photographers are covering broad topics worldwide, such as Daniel Beltra who is photographing changing landscapes from the air to enhance awareness of the intersection of nature’s power and fragility. Our photographers publish books, hold exhibits, win prestigious grants and show work to lawmakers on the Senate floor to encourage policy change. The link between compelling documentary photography and our collective motivation to change attitudes, behavior, even policies, is strong. Through our support of Photography that Makes a Difference, Blue Earth has helped raise almost a million dollars for important issues often overlooked by traditional media.

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