Container Exhibitions

“When Capture Meets Captivating”

Featuring: Various Artists

A Few Acres of Snow

Featuring: Rafal Gerszak, Christopher Katsarov Luna, Yoanis Menge, Jalani Morgan, Renaud Philippe, Tim Smith, and Nicolas Lévesque

America, Point Blank.

Featuring: Matt Borowick, Justin Cook, An-Sofie Kesteleyn, Andrew Lichtenstein, Joshua Lott, Peter Andrew Lusztyk, Sabine Pearlman, Ruddy Roye, Wil Sands, Kathy Shorr

ASMP’s New York Chapter Show

Featuring: ASMPNY photographers

Barnstorming the Moon

Featuring: Mark Robinson

Bodies We Want 2016

Featuring: Marcus Eriksson, Benedict Evans, Peter Hapak, Steven Lippman, Richard Phibbs, joe Pugliese, Mark Seliger, Carlos Serrao, Simon McDermott-Johnson, Peggy Sirota, Art Streiber, Williams + Hirakawa

Breaking Point

Featuring: Various Artists


Featuring: Picture Justice students, Christopher Gregory/Black Box and Zach Gross

Coming Ashore

Featuring: Santi Palacios / AP

Designing the White

Featuring: Luceo Artists

Ebola Through the Lens

Featuring: Various Artists

Exquisite Refrigerator

Featuring: Numerous alumni from the SVA Masters in Digital Photography

Faces of the Ferry: A Retrospective

Featuring: Paul Samulski

Family: Bringing a shared sense of humanity into the public eye

Featuring: Daniel Berehulak, Andrea Bruce, Bryan Denton, Kevin Frayer, Chris Hondros & Tomás Munita

Finding Humanity for 75 Years

Featuring: Donna Pinckley, Josephine Herrick Project teaching artists and students

FIT BFA Senior Thesis Projects 2016

Featuring: Mickey Aloisio, Melanie Barksdale, TJ Boegle, Alex Golshani, Maria Kepinski, Trupal Pandya and Kristina Wagner

Flint is a Place

Featuring: Zackary Canepari

Flower Power

Featuring: Sophie Gamand

Forced From Home in Virtual Reality

Featuring: Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders


Featuring: Emily Schiffer

If This is True… 8,000 Miles on a Motorcycle in the USA

Featuring: Robin de Puy

Jerome Avenue Workers Project

Featuring: Various Artists

Keywords For Contemporary Photography: Privacy, Space, Voice

Featuring: Various Artists


Featuring: Ara Oshagan, Daro Sulakauri and Jan Zychlinski

Lucha Libre

Featuring: Mark Mann

Me and My Selfie

Featuring: Vivian Keulards

Miss Trans Israel

Featuring: Oded Balilty

New York Film Academy; Student Exhibition

Featuring: Various Artists

New York Stories: Celebrating 10 years of visual journalism

Featuring: A number of students from the first 10 years of the school's existence

On the Street with Bill Cunningham

Featuring: Bill Cunningham

Past, Present, Future

Featuring: Various Artists

PDN and Rangefinder Present 2016 Exposure Awards

Featuring: Various Artists

Political Theatre

Featuring: Mark Peterson

Pretty Girl Charged with Clever Swindle

Featuring: Various or unknown photographers appointed by New York City

Represent: 29 Women We Admire

Featuring: Various Artists

Sensation Photography

Featuring: Various Artists

Signs of Your Identity

Featuring: Daniella Zalcman

Strength | Fortitude | Spirit

Featuring: Various Artists

SVA BFA Photography and Video

Featuring: Various Artists

Texting Syria

Featuring: Liam Maloney (with coding by Daniel Arce)

The Future Perfect

Featuring: Various Artists

The Heidler & Heeps Vinyl Store

Featuring: Richard Heeps and Natasha Heidler

The Portrait Project

Featuring: NYC Salt Students and Alumni

Two Islands

Featuring: Ritty Tacsum

Women on the Outside

Featuring: Zara Katz, Lisa Riordan Seville, Zora J. Murff, Michael Krisch, Mark Hansen, Dalit Shalom

Outdoor Exhibitions


Featuring: Wayne Lawrence

Brazil’s Battle Against Zika

Featuring: Tomás Munita

Getty Images Instagram Grant

Featuring: Featuring: The Winners of the Getty Images Instagram Grant will be announced soon!

Performing Statistics

Featuring: Featuring art by teens at the Richmond Detention Center, with support from Terry Brown, Kate Deciccio, Catherine Komp, Molly Fair, Gina Lyles, Malena Magnolia, and Mark Strandquist

Rewilding Pandas in China

Featuring: Ami Vitale

Science of Taste

Featuring: Brian Finke

The Curated Fridge

Featuring: Various Artists

The New Europeans

Featuring: Robin Hammond

Water Stories: A Photographic Exhibition

Featuring: Mustafah Abdulaziz

Where Will We Go: The Human Consequences of Rising Sea Levels

Featuring: Kadir van Lohuizen


All Access/Ringside Pass

Featuring: Anthony Geathers


Featuring: Eyerusalem

First Generation

Featuring: Iaritza Menjivar

For My Girls

Featuring: Nichole Washington

Humans in Exile

Featuring: Hilina Abebe

Laura Pannack

Featuring: Laura Pannack

Mod U.K

Featuring: Owen Harvey


Community Heroes, NYC

Featuring: Alexis Lambrou, The Bindery NYC, Cassandra Giraldo, Diane Hu, Garry Waller, Jasmin Chang, Joe Curry, Jonathan Cortizo, Kristine Tsui, Rachel Ann Martin and Stephen P. Mucci

Daylight Books

Featuring: Hiroshi Watanabe, Zalmai, Alejandro Cartagena, Jesse Burke

Free Shawkan

Featuring: Mahmoud Abou Zeid, better known as "Shawkan"

It Takes Us: Stories of gun violence from across America

Featuring: Joe Quint

Photoshelter's Luminance

An Exclusive Conversation with Donna Ferrato and Paul Moakley

Featuring: Paul Moakley (Moderator), Donna Ferrato

From Personal Projects to Paid Projects

Featuring: Alison Zavos (Moderator), Michael George, Shaniqwa Jarvis, Michael Rubenstein

Marketing Your Photography

Featuring: Amy Fitzgibbons, Akhil Sesh

Taxes and Finances: All You Need to Know

Featuring: Andrew Fingerman (Moderator), Steven Zelin

The Photo Editor and Photographer Bond: A Peek Behind the Curtain

Featuring: Sarah Leen (Moderator), David Guttenfelder, Erika Larsen

What Buyers Really Want from Photographers

Featuring: Clinton Cargill (Moderator), Dustin Drankoski, Chris Ehrmann, Randall Smith, Keren Sachs

Panel Discussions

Aftermath: What the Legacy of Inequality Looks Like

Featuring: Sara Terry (Moderator), Zack Canepari, Carlos Javier Ortiz, Yoruba Richen

Art Education and the Uses of Photography

Featuring: Yola Monakhov Stockton (Moderator), Elinor Carucci, Stephen Hilger, Fred Ritchin

Diverse Voices in the Media

Featuring: Myriam Abdelaziz, Rich Blint, Laurel Golio, Ruddy Roye

Images of Africa: Lessons Learned from Media Coverage of Crises

Featuring: Sean Jacobs (Moderator), Jonathan Bundu, Morgana Wingard, Fatou Wurie

Inception to Perfection: Making a Photo Book

Featuring: Michael Itkoff (Moderator), Patty Carroll, Vince Cianni, Ursula Damm, Barbara Kyne, Mark Marchesi, Manuelo Paganelli

Memory in the Time of Disposable Imagery

Featuring: Ron Haviv, Lauren Walsh

Picture This: ESPN Storytellers

Featuring: Neely Lohmann and Justin Ellis (Moderators), Taffy Brodesser-Akner, Kate Fagan, Jesse Washington, Seth Wickersham

See the Bigger Picture: Defining Your Style as a Photographer in the Digital Age

Featuring: Stephen Pulvirent (Moderator), Ralph Gibson, Mark dePaola, Joshua Allen Harris, Van Styles

The Making of ESPN’s Body Issue

Featuring: Karen Frank (Moderator), Benedict Evans, Peter Hapak, Neely Lohmann, Joe Pugliese

The Presidential Campaign Through New Eyes

Featuring: Michael Shaw (Moderator), Mark Abramson, M. Scott Brauer, Landon Nordeman, Lorie Novak, Hilary Swift

Working in Local Communities

Featuring: Emma Raynes (Moderator), Russell Frederick, Cassandra Giraldo, Nina Robinson, Mark Strandquist

Hands-on Workshops

An Informal Guide to the Formal Portrait

Featuring: Mark Mann

Big Games and Big Shots — A Sports Photography Workshop

Featuring: Anthony Causi

Moving Pictures — An Introduction to DSLR Video

Featuring: Travis Fox

Perfect Props and Stylish Backdrops — Product Photography 2.0

Featuring: Evi Abeler and Robin Zachary

The Beauty of Uncertainty — A Street Photography Workshop

Featuring: Spencer Platt

The City at Night — A Low Light Photography Workshop

Featuring: Gabriel Biderman

Leica Akademie

Coffee, Cameras and Conversation Instameet with Clive Campbell (@Fliickman)

Featuring: Clive Campbell (@Fliickman)

Leica on Loan


Leica Printstameet


Passion Before Profit: The Importance of Loving What You Do

Featuring: Van Styles

Photography Wide Open

Featuring: Mark de Paola

Street Photography Workshop with Aziz Yazdani

Featuring: Aziz Yazdani

The Art of Printing in a Digital World

Featuring: Eric Luden

The Art of Street Photography with Richard Bram

Featuring: Richard Bram

Walking Tours

Opening Night Tour of Photoville with Julie Grahame

Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 5pm
Meets at the Main Entrance to Photoville (look for the Walking Tours flag!)
Join Julie Grahame, publisher of aCurator and 25 year industry veteran for a special, opening night tour of Photoville!


Walking Tour of Photoville with Ron Haviv

Friday, Sept. 23 at 5pm
Meets at the New Dock Street Entrance to Photoville (look for the Walking Tours flag!)
Join Ron Haviv, Emmy nominated, award winning photojournalist and co-founder of VII photo agency for a curated tour of Photoville’s container exhibitions. The tour will end at The Lost Rolls container, where Haviv will host a signing of his latest book “The Lost Rolls”.


Walking Tour of Photoville with Sarah Leen of National Geographic

Saturday, Sept. 24 at 2pm
Meets at the Main Entrance to Photoville (look for the Walking Tours flag!)
Join Sarah Leen, Director of Photography for National Geographic magazine, for a curated tour of Photoville’s container exhibitions.


Walking Tour of Photoville with Holly Hughes of PDN

Sunday, Sept. 25 at 2pm
Meets at the Main Entrance to Photoville (look for the Walking Tours flag!)
Join Editor Holly Hughes of Photo District News and PDNOnline for a curated tour of Photoville’s container exhibitions!


Walking Tour of Photoville with Nina Berman of NOOR

Sunday, Sept. 25 at 5pm
Meets at the Main Entrance to Photoville (look for the Walking Tours flag!)
Join NOOR Photographer and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism professor Nina Berman for a curated tour of Photoville!

Education Day

ICP Community Programs: Teen Storytellers Impacting Change

Featuring: ICP Community Programs Student Photographers

JustArts Youth Photography Panel

Featuring: JustArts Alumni Photographers

NYC SALT: The Power of a Portrait

Featuring: NYC SALT Student Photographers

NYU Future Imagemakers Alumni Panel

Featuring: NYU Future Imagemakers Alumni Photographers

Activity Tent

Toy Camera Demos and Instant Photo Bingo with Lomography

Thursday, Sept. 22; 4pm – 8pm

Meets in the Photoville Activity Tent
Lomography hosts an afternoon of analog fun with toy camera demos, lessons on lenses, and a round of Instant photo bingo!


Crash Courses in Photography with Brooklyn Central

Friday, Sept. 22; 4pm – 8pm
Meets in the Photoville Activity Tent
Join DUMBO’s own Brooklyn Central for fast, fun and informative mini-lessons to help you dive in or refine your approach to photography!


Cyanotypes with the Penumbra Foundation

Saturday, Sept. 24 and Sunday, Sept. 25; from 12pm – 3pm
Meets in the Photoville Activity Tent
The Penumbra Foundation returns with sun-soaked, hands-on sessions in camera-less, cyanotype printmaking!


The Art and Science of Pinhole Cameras with Alexis Lambrou, Stefan Killen, and Scott Lapham

Presented by Sprint Systems of Photography
Saturday, Sept. 24; 4pm – 7pm
Meets in the Photoville Activity Tent
Experience the magic of lo-fi photography in this multi-phase pinhole camera workshop.


How to Make a Camera out of Anything with Liz Sales and Scott Lapham

Presented by ICP and Sprint Systems of Photography
Sunday, Sept. 25; 4pm – 7pm
Meets in the Photoville Activity Tent
Purchase your tickets here.
In this fun, hands-on workshop, each participant will make a working camera from one of several objects provided and explore the creative possibilities of low-tech photography.

Special Events

Flower Power Dog Adoption

Featuring: Doggies for Adoption!

Sunrise Printstameet


Tintypes with the Penumbra Foundation