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Featuring: Daleen Bloemers & Pim Top, Karl Ketamo, Peter de Krom


Featuring: work from United Nations International School Students


Featuring: Various Artists

A Beautiful Abstraction

Featuring: Austin Willis

A Climate for Conflict

Featuring: Nichole Sobecki (with reporting by Laura Heaton)

Abuelas: Portraits of The Invisible Grandmothers

Featuring: Cinthya Santos Briones

Am I What You’re Looking For?

Featuring: Endia Beal

And Now We Have Entered Broken Earth

Featuring: Eloghosa Osunde

Apparatus of Discomfort

Featuring: Current students of Parsons' MFA Photography program

ASMP 2017 Annual Selects

Featuring: Various Artists


Featuring: Various Artists

Battles Won

Featuring: GySgt Joseph Digirolamo, Sgt Caitlin Brink, Sgt Matthew Callahan, Sgt Elize McKelvey, Cpl Aaron Patterson

Boda Boda Madness

Featuring: Jan Hoek & Bobbin Case

Body Talk

Featuring: Alicia Vera, Helga Nina Aas, Lia Clay, Mayan Toledano, Olya Ivanova, Sunmin Lee, Yagazie Emezi

Cardboard Castle

Featuring: Alaa Hassan


Featuring: Evelyn Hockstein, Mark Peterson, Ruddy Roye, Hilary Swift, and Nina Berman

China Through Chinese Eyes

Featuring: Various Artists

Come To Selfhood

Featuring: Joshua Rashaad McFadden

Contact High: Hip-Hop’s Iconic Photographs and Visual Culture

Featuring: Various Artists

Dual Shadows: East Africa’s LGBT Refugees

Featuring: Jake Naughton

Extraordinary Women in West Africa

Featuring: Sylvain Cherkaoui

Facing Change: Documenting DETROIT

Featuring: Various Artists

Finding Home

Featuring: Lynsey Addario, Aryn Baker, Francesca Trianni


Featuring: Various Artists


Featuring: Darrin Zammit Lupi

Jason & Rachel

Featuring: Kirsten Leah Bitzer

Journeys: Immigration Stories

Featuring: Various Artists

Killing the Black Snake: Resistance at Standing Rock

Featuring: Stephanie Keith for Reuters

Latin American FotografĂ­a 5 and Latin American IlustraciĂłn 5 LOS DIEZ

Featuring: Various Artists

Life on Arctic’s Edge

Featuring: Evgenia Arbugaeva

Like Me, Love Me, Follow Me…Take Me Home

Featuring: Various Artists

Living in the City: An Inside Look at Four Decades of Changing Housing in New York City

Featuring: Various Artists

Lost Rolls America

Featuring: America

MVP: The Millennium Villages Project

Featuring: Ron Haviv, Ed Kashi, Gary Knight, Danny Wilcox Frazier

My Shot: Portraits from Hamilton, an American Musical

Featuring: Josh Lehrer

New European Photography Talent 2017

Featuring: Various Artists

New York Film Academy – Student and Alumni Exhibition

Featuring: Various Artists

Newest Americans

Featuring: Ashley Gilbertson, Ron Haviv, Ed Kashi, Maciek Nabrdalik, Ruddy Roye, Gareth Smit, Julie Winokur


Featuring: Various Artists

Paraiso Perdido

Featuring: Adriana Loureiro Fernandez

PDN’s 30 2017: Our Choice of New and Emerging Photographers to Watch

Featuring: Various Artists

Photo Requests from Solitary

Featuring: People held in long-term solitary confinement in New York State prisons, working in collaboration with photographers on the outside

Psychology of Hatred

Featuring: Amr Alfiky

Redefining Gender

Featuring: Lynn Johnson

ReSisters: Behind the Scenes of The Women’s March

Featuring: Kisha Bari


Featuring: Charmaine Poh

Selected work from FIT Graduating Show 2017

Featuring: Various Artists

Selected Work, Class of 2017 – NYU Tisch Department of Photography & Imaging

Featuring: Various Artists

Sensation Photography : Focus on Korean Documentary

Featuring: Various Artists

Shadows of Pakistan

Featuring: Alice Wielinga

Smallest Library in Africa

Featuring: Biko Wesa

Stations of the Crossing

Featuring: Luceo

Stories of Survivors

Featuring: Malin Fezehai

Summer Come Back

Featuring: Various Artists

SVA BFA Photography and Video

Featuring: Various Artists

Ten Years: School of Visual Arts’ Masters in Digital Photography

Featuring: Various Artists

The Blood and the Rain

Featuring: Yael Martínez and Orlando Velázquez

The Family Imprint

Featuring: Nancy Borowick

The New Gold

Featuring: Andres Millan

The New Scots

Featuring: Emily Macinnes

The Patriots Story

Featuring: Aron Simeneh

The Print Swap

Featuring: Various Artists


Featuring: Andre Malerba, Hkun Lat, Lauren DeCicca, Matt Grace, Minzayar, Suthep Kritsanavarin, Yu Yu Myint Than

Unseen Venezuela

Featuring: Meridith Kohut

War is Only Half the Story

Featuring: Various Artists

We Are The Undefeated

Featuring: Various Artists

We Have Experienced Calamities

Featuring: Various Artists

Welcome to My Neighborhood

Featuring: Uriah Roman, Naloni Ferguson, Michael Kelly, Jonathan Ocana, Trevor Torres

What We Share

Featuring: Vincent Tremeau, Stefano Carini, Rawsht Twana


Featuring: Amy Toensing


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A Conversation on Widowhood

Featuring: Amy Toensing, Whitney Johnson

A Conversation with Deb Willis & Brendan Wattenberg

Featuring: Deborah Willis & Brendan Wattenberg

A Picture of America: Privilege, Race & The Era of Trump

Featuring: Sheila Pree Bright, Danny Wilcox Frazier

Action Photography with Pep Williams

Featuring: Pep Williams

Capturing Movement with Parkour photographer Ben Franke

Featuring: Ben Franke

Climates in Conflict

Featuring: Laura Heaton, Nichole Sobecki and Charlie Sennott

Committed: A Leica Conversation with Doug Menuez and Mark Mann

Featuring: Doug Menuez, Mark Mann

Contact High: Hip-Hop’s Iconic Photographs and Visual Culture

Featuring: Vikki Tobak and Young Guru (Moderators), Janette Beckman, Barron Claiborne, Brian "B+" Cross and Ernie Paniccioli

Creativity & Collaboration: How a Campaign Comes to Life

Featuring: Aidan Sullivan, Gillian Laub, Lauren Steel

Developing a Signature Photography Brand

Featuring: Marvin Orellana (Moderator), Kareem Black, Sam Cannon, Jesse Reed

Expose the Night: Long Exposure Photography with Antonio DiBenedetto

Featuring: Antonio DiBenedetto

Game Changers: A Sports Photography Workshop

Featuring: Elsa Garrison of Getty Images, Julianne Varacchi of ESPN

Getting More Money From Existing Work

Featuring: Andrew Fingerman (Moderator), Ryan Pfluger, Nichole Washington, Marcel Saba,

Golden Hour Photowalk with Mat Rick

Featuring: Mat Rick

Huawei Photo Hunt

Featuring: Leica Team

Huawei Photo Hunt

Featuring: Leica Team

LIVE at Photoville, powered by PechaKucha

Featuring: Luján Agusti, Lia Clay, Ron Haviv, Stephanie Keith, Brent Lewis, Joshua Rashad McFadden, Matt Slaby, and Alice Wielinga

PDN’s 30: Advice for Emerging Photographers from Emerging Photographers

Featuring: Holly Stuart Hughes, Sasha Arutyunova, Benedict Evans, Jake Naughton, Frances F. Denny

Penumbra TinType Sessions


Placemakers: A Product Photography and Tablescapes Workshop

Featuring: Robin Zachary with Richard Gary

Reading the Pictures: Pete Souza and Michael Shaw in Conversation

Featuring: Michael Shaw, Pete Souza

Reclaiming Photography

Featuring: Laura Beltrán Villamizar, Shahidul Alam, Austin Merrill, Daniella Zalcman, Tara Pixley, Brent Lewis

Scene Stealers: A Street Photography Workshop

Featuring: Spencer Platt of Getty Images with Jeanette D. Moses

Shoot Leica New Yorker: Photowalk with Rob McCarthy

Featuring: Rob McCarthy

Soul Seekers: A No Frills Portraiture Workshop

Featuring: Josh Lehrer

Space Invaders: Getting Up Close and Personal with Donato DiCamillo

Featuring: Donato DiCamillo

Street Portraits with Jose Tutiven

Featuring: Jose “Tutes” Tutiven

The Big Mistakes Photographers Make

Featuring: Sacha Lecca (Moderator), Joe McNally, Mathieu Young, Amy Lombard, Jennifer Santana

View Masters: A Concept Development Workshop

Featuring: J. Sybylla Smith

Voice and Vision: How To Shoot Your Truth

Featuring: Ron Haviv



Women at the Forefront: A Push for An Even Playing Field

Featuring: Elizabeth Griffin (Moderator), Sherry Wang, Daniella Zalcman, Amanda Gorence

Women Photograph + ONA Workshop



OPENING NIGHT with Talking Eyes Media’s Newest Americans

Featuring: Mohamed Alsiadi, Ashley Gilbertson, Sara Grossman, Ed Kashi, Tim Raphael, Hamna Saleem, Dina Sayedahmed, Julie Winokur

New York Magazine Presents: The 43-Day Fashion Shoot

Featuring: Holly Andres in conversation with New York Magazine Director of Photography Jody Quon

An Evening with The New York Times

Featuring: Steve Crowley, Josh Haner, Todd Heisler, Preston Gannaway, Meridith Kohut, Zora J. Murff, and Damon Winter

ESPN Presents: Vivid

Featuring: Various Artists

POV Presents: Cameraperson & Two Towns of Jasper

Featuring: Kirsten Johnson, Marco Williams, Whitney Dow


ICP Community Programs: Teen Storytellers Impacting Change

Featuring: ICP Community Programs student photographers

Labs School Community Program Panel

Featuring: Leanna Lair, Ivan Espinosa, Nyasha Hunte and Zoran Seda

Photos as Tools for Social Justice

Featuring: Lydia Leiber (UNIS), Serena Aimen (UNIS), Eloise Chambadal (UNIS), Kadija Kone (KIPP), Karen Diaz (KIPP) and Amani Dobson (KIPP)

Bronx Documentary Center Junior Photo League

Featuring: Youth photographers in the Bronx Documentary Center Junior Photo League

The LGBT Center: Nothing About Us, Without Us

Featuring: Kemara Night, Daniel-Joseph Cyan, Miyagi Scott, Saikurogats and Giovanni Arenas

JustArts: Beyond the Simple Selfie

Featuring: Dalia Turner, Josue Petion, Elijah Ragin, and Ty’anna Gant

Future Imagemakers Speak Out

Featuring: Youth photographers from the NYU Tisch Future Imagemakers workshop


Opening Night Tour of Photoville with Julie Grahame

Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 5pm
Meets at the Main Entrance to Photoville (look for the Walking Tours flag!)
Join rock star duo Julie Grahame, founder of aCurator, and photographer Janette Beckman for a tag-team opening night tour of Photoville!


Walking Tour of Photoville with W.M. Hunt

Saturday, Sept. 16 at 12:30pm
Meets at the New Dock Street Entrance to Photoville (look for the Walking Tours flag!)
Collector, curator, consultant, and photography enthusiast W.M. Hunt shares his favorite selections in this custom tour of Photoville’s container exhibitions.


Walking Tour of Photoville with Brent Lewis

Saturday, Sept. 16 at 3pm
Meets at the Main Entrance to Photoville (look for the Walking Tours flag!)
ESPN Senior Photo Editor Brent Lewis, mastermind behind ‘The Undefeated’, presents his top exhibition picks in his first appearance as a Photoville tour guide!


Walking Tour of Photoville with James Estrin

Saturday, Sept. 16 at 6pm
Meets at the Main Entrance to Photoville (look for the Walking Tours flag!)
Explore Photoville’s EmergiCubes, featuring the work of talented young photographers, with James Estrin of the New York Times.


Walking Tour of Photoville with Holly Hughes

Sunday, Sept. 17 at 12:30pm
Meets at the Main Entrance to Photoville (look for the Walking Tours flag!)
PDN’s Holly Hughes returns for a second year to lead a tour, featuring her favorite work at Photoville.



Walking Tour of Photoville with Whitney Johnson

Sunday, Sept. 17 at 3pm
Meets at the Main Entrance to Photoville (look for the Walking Tours flag!)
Whitney Johnson, Deputy Director of Photography for National Geographic, shares the work that’s caught her eye among Photoville’s container exhibitions.



Walking Tour of Photoville with Nancy Borowick

Sunday, Sept. 17 at 12:30pm
Meets at the Main Entrance to Photoville (look for the Walking Tours flag!)
Join Nancy Borowick on a tour of her Photo Fence on Washington Street DUMBO where she will discuss her long-term project The Family Imprint which is an intimate story of her family, as her parents underwent parallel treatments for stage-four cancer. The story is about life and love more than cancer and death.


Cye-Dye with The Penumbra Foundation

Saturday, Sept. 16; 12pm – 6pm

Meets in the Photoville Activity Tent
Turn a boring T-shirt or an old pair of socks into a blue-hued masterpiece using the usn0based cyanotype process. Bring your own items to print on and we will provide the rest!


Zine Making with the International Center of Photography

Sunday, Sept. 17; 12pm – 6pm
Meets in the Photoville Activity Tent

Make a mini-magazine using found, recycled and repurposed images in this hands-on, day-long event!


Photobook Building with MUG Publishing

Saturday, Sept. 23; 12pm – 6pm
Meets in the Photoville Activity Tent

Learn how to make your own photo book using simple bookbinding techniques.


Pinhole Portrait Studio with Sprint Systems of Photography

Sunday, Sept. 24; 12pm – 6pm
Meets in the Photoville Activity Tent
Experience the magic of lo-fi photography at this day-long portrait studio, featuring custom cameras and prints to take home!