Not only are the Photoville exhibitions safe and social-distant – so is our online programming! Here you’ll find our family downloads and activities you can do from home. Fun for all ages from 4 – 84!


Share your Personal photo which illustrates a life-changing lesson. Write down and tell us why it is important?
Once you receive your complete photo, share it to the world and tag #photowings #photovillenyc and we will share the best stories each week!

Cyanotypes by Penumbra

This video will walk you through the steps of mixing your own chemistry, applying the coating mixture, and exposing and developing your own cyanotype print.

Photoville Family Foto Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Slow down and get to know your surroundings. Grab your camera and take this photo scavenger hunt around your home and your neighborhood! Have fun photographing!

Photoville Make Your Own Camera

Make your own camera

The only thing more fun than buying a camera is making your own! Grab your coloring utensils and scissors. We have a Photoville original camera design for you to make your own!

Photoville Make Your Own Container Exhibition

Make your own shipping container

No containers this year? No problem! Print out the “Make Your Own Shipping Container” activity and curate an exhibition in your own home!

2021 Live Sessions

Coming Soon. We will post many of our Photoville 2021 live sessions that will be recorded once again, thanks to our partners at PhotoWings. Check back for more.

Photoville Talks Archive

Check out our 2020 Talks Video Archive, thanks to our partners from PhotoWings.