Opening Night: Battle of the Boroughs

Join us on Opening Night 2016

for the premiere of Battle of the Boroughs

a new & original multimedia presentation


Hosted by NY1’s Roger Clark

Live Music Score by Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and Brian Turner (WFMU)

Wednesday, Sept 21 at 7:30PM

What better way to kick off Photoville’s fifth year than with a New York City photographic throw-down in our own home of Brooklyn? 

The battle lines have been drawn, guest curators invited, and photographic champions nominated. Presented and produced by the United Photo Industries team and our guest curators: Dr. Deborah Willis (Manhattan – Chair, Department of Photography & Imaging at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University), Elizabeth Renstrom (Brooklyn – Photo Editor, VICE), Scott Hall (Queens – Director of Photography, Travel & Leisure Magazine), Michael Kamber (the Bronx – Co-founder, Bronx Documentary Center), and Paul Moakley (Staten Island – Deputy Director of Photography, TIME Magazine).

Join us for a thrilling show of photographic sportsmanship, capturing images from across New York City’s neighborhoods, from the most iconic to the most underrepresented stories across Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

Each borough will be represented through the curated work of seven photographers featuring local projects and curated beats, to be screened during a very special night at our Beer Garden in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge.

At the end of the night, there will be no winners or losers, no crowns or belts, just wonderful, shared, crazy, love for this city like no other, which we call our home. New York City!


Curated by

Dr. Deborah Willis – Chair, Department of Photography & Imaging at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University


Jeffrey Henson Scales

Lola Flash

Jonno Rattman

Bayeté Ross-Smith

Karl Peterson

Sonia Louise Davis

Renee Cox


Curated by

Elizabeth Renstrom – Photo Editor, VICE Media


Hiroyuki Ito

Daniel Arnold

Meryl Meisler

Aviva Klein

Andre Wagner

Sophie Lvoff

Jackson Krule


Curated by

Scott Hall – Director of Photography, Travel & Leisure Magazine


Ben Arnon

Rona Chang

Greg Kessler

Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao

Niko J. Kallianiotis

Youngkyu Park

Brian Finke


Curated by

Paul Moakley – Deputy Director of Photography, TIME Magazine


Melissa Cacciola

Edward Coppola

Mike Shane

Irma Bohorquez-Geisler

Stephen Obisanya

Gareth Smit

Christine Osinski


Curated by

Michael Kamber – Co-Founder, Bronx Documentary Center


Ricky Flores

Edwin Torres

Nina Robinson

Osaretin Ugiagbe

Janet Lozano

Elias Williams

Elle Perez