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Bronx Activists

29 Jul 2019 CONTAINERS
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Featuring: Tony Baizan, Kayla Beltran, Zarah Browne, Bianca Colón, Mitchell Dennis, Fanta Diop, Fritzi Garcia, Julie Lozano, Tianna Maldonado, Agnes Ollivier-Yamin, Chloe Rodriguez, Ruby Simon

Presented by

Bronx Documentary Center


Curated by

Bronx Documentary Center

The Bronx Junior Photo League (BJPL), the Bronx Documentary Center’s (BDC) after-school documentary photo program for twelve to eighteen-year-olds, spent the 2017-2018 school year exploring social justice issues as they documented their communities, families and environments. On view will be photo essays on Bronx activism, housing access, public housing conditions, gun violence and public safety, community leaders and more.


The Bronx Junior Photo League (BJPL) is a free after-school and summer photojournalism program that teaches middle and high school Bronx students to use photography, writing, and research to explore social justice issues, while they also prepare for college and future careers.

The program includes visits with internationally-renowned photographers, field trips to major cultural institutions and media outlets, and opportunities for life-changing international travel. Students and families participate in extensive college prep programming, including one-on-one counseling, financial aid workshops, and college tours.


The Bronx Documentary Center (BDC) is a nonprofit gallery and educational space. Through exhibitions, screenings, and public programming, we show the work of internationally-renowned, and emerging photographers and filmmakers, who are dealing with the themes that guide the BDC: justice, education, community-building, and positive social change.

We provide free education programs for middle and high school students, as well as a professional education program for historically underrepresented, Bronx-based adult photographers. This program provides opportunities for professional development and skills training in photojournalism, filmmaking, and documentary photography.

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