A view of the New York City Housing Authority Melrose Houses in the South Bronx where Gano lived prior to becoming homeless.

Bronx Junior Photo League

Lewis Chaim Goldstein, 76 years old, is a lifelong Bronx resident and LGBTQI+ and political activist wearing tiger on his t-shirt and pride hat.

Bronx Junior Photo League

Featuring Student photographers from the Bronx Junior Photo League: Anastasia Cardona, Lucki Islam, Tianna Maldonado

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Bronx Documentary Center







Thursday, September 19th

The Bronx Junior Photo League (BJPL) is a free photography and journalism program serving middle through high school students. Our free, after-school and summer photojournalism programs teach Bronx middle and high school students to use photography, writing, and research to explore social justice issues, preparing them for college and future careers. The program includes visits with internationally-renowned photographers, field trips to major cultural institutions and media outlets, and opportunities for life-changing international travel. Students and families participate in extensive college prep programming, including one-on-one counseling, financial aid workshops, and college tours.

This panel is part of Photoville Education Day, and open only to participants of this program. To learn more and to register, please go here.


The Bronx Documentary Center (BDC) is a nonprofit gallery and educational space in the South Bronx. The BDC’s mission is to share documentary photography, film, and new media with underserved Bronx communities and the cultural community at large.

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