Community Heroes, NYC

Community Heroes, NYC is a community-based public art exhibition celebrating the everyday heroes of our neighborhoods.

Featuring: Alexis Lambrou, The Bindery NYC, Cassandra Giraldo, Diane Hu, Garry Waller, Jasmin Chang, Joe Curry, Jonathan Cortizo, Kristine Tsui, Rachel Ann Martin and Stephen P. Mucci

Presented by

Trellis, Nice Think and Liberty City






The goal of this project is to celebrate the everyday heroes of New York City, neighborhood by neighborhood. These residents have taken it upon themselves to organize for good in their neighborhoods.

We pair each hero with a local photographer who takes their portrait. These portraits are displayed in the hero’s neighborhood and will be accompanied by writing about the subject’s heroism.

The project aims to:

— Highlight great stories that are taking place in each neighborhood
— Inspire and encourage viewers to take ownership of their communities
— Give witness to the diverse leaders of each neighborhood and unify them together as heroes

By publicly sharing the stories of people who have advocated for their neighborhoods for decades, we hope to spark ideas of how new residents can become ‘owners’ and not just ‘renters’ of their own communities. We hope to cross-pollinate and strengthen the good work of each hero by showcasing a diverse roster of role models. We hope this will also provide the audience with a variety of entry points to engage in the good work happening in their neighborhoods.


Community Heroes, NYC is a collaboration between Trellis, Nice Think and Liberty City, working alongside organizations in each neighborhood.

Trellis is a non-profit organization dedicated to pairing churches with non-profits to build stronger communities together.

Liberty City is a non-profit organization building positive, restorative relationships to help individuals overcome challenging circumstances in New York City and beyond.

Nice Think is your friendly multi-platform, multi-medium, multi-need creative studio. We have the brain of an agency, the hands of a production company and the heart of a friend.