Featuring: Tom Stayte


Featuring: Luceo

A Way Home

Featuring: Daniel Berehulak, Andrea Bruce, Bryan Denton, Kevin Frayer, Chris Hondros, Meridith Kohut, Tomás Munita, and Sim Chi Yin

ALTAR: Prayer, Ritual, Offerings

Featuring: Various Artists

ASMP: American Society of Media Photographers – 2018 – Theme : Hope

Featuring: Various Artists

Attacks On The Press | MEXICO

Featuring: Emmanuel Guillen Lozano, Félix Márquez, Mauricio Palos, Francisco Robles, Artículo 19

Azraq Film School Presents “Through Our Eyes: The Personal Works of Syrian Youth in Azraq, Jordan”

Featuring: Student Filmmakers of Azraq Refugee Camp and Azraq Town

Battles Won

Featuring: Matthew Callahan, William Chockey, Jacqueline Clifford, Robert Knapp, Niles Lee, Aaron Patterson, Conner Robbins, Dalton Swanbeck

cit.i.zen.ship: reflections on rights by teen photographers

Featuring: Teen Photographers & Filmmakers


Featuring: Jose Angel Rodriguez, Maruch Santiz, Tragameluz Collective

Documenting China, Stories of Change

Featuring: Various Artists

Ebifananyi, The Photographers Trilogy

Featuring: Andrea Stultiens, Canon Griffin, Deo Kyakulagira, Elly Rwakoma, Musa Katuramu

Eyes on New York

Featuring: Various Artists

FAYN Magazine

Featuring: Various Artists

Focal Points: 2017 Catchlight Fellows

Featuring: Sarah Blesener, Brian L. Frank and Tomas Van Houtryve

Foreseen: New narratives from the African Photojournalism Database

Featuring: Various Artists

Grandma Techno Checks In

Featuring: Patricia Lay-Dorsey

Her Take: (Re)Thinking Masculinity

Featuring: Anush Babajanyan, Jessica Dimmock, Linda Bournane Engelberth, Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Nichole Sobecki, Maggie Steber, Sara Terry

Humble Cats: Photoville Edition

Featuring: Various Artists

In Relation

Featuring: Various Artists


Featuring: Various Photographers

Internal Ballistics

Featuring: Deborah Bay, Garrett Hansen, Sabine Pearlman

Just the Tip

Featuring: Smriti Keshari


Featuring: Léon Hendrickx

Latin American Fotografía and Ilustración 6

Featuring: Various Artists

Like a Dream

Featuring: Various Artists


Featuring: Various Artists

N.O.K: Next Of Kin

Featuring: Inbal Abergil

New York Through the Lens of New York Magazine


North Shore

Featuring: Gareth Smit

Nowhere Left But Here

Featuring: Shiho Fukada

NYC Work and Working: Photographs from the WPA Federal Writers’ Project

Featuring: Various Artists

People of the Ferry

Featuring: Francesca Magnani

Priya Ramrakha – the recovered archive

Featuring: Priya Ramrakha

Reframing Mental Health: The Be Vocal Experience

Featuring: Shaul Schwarz / Verbatim Agency


Featuring: Lynsey Addario, Omar Victor Diop, Graciela Iturbide, Martin Schoeller, and Tom Stoddart

Scenes Unseen: The Summer of ’78

Featuring: Neal Boenzi, Joyce Dopkeen, D. Gorton, Eddie Hausner, Paul Hosefros, Bob Klein, Larry Morris, and Gary Settle

Selected work from Untitled Folder

Featuring: Michael Puorro, Gianny Matias, Trevor Lazinski, Hannah Keiffert, Austin Jensen, Jane Rock, Gabriela Hnizdo, Elianel Clinton, Chester Canasa, Juliana E Mazza

Sensation Photography: Between or Border

Featuring: Various Artists

Stitching Together: Garment Workers in Solidarity

Featuring: Taslima Akhter

Subject, Object, Creator

Featuring: Various Artists

Telling a story and selling an idea: Teaching Creativity

Featuring: Various Artists

The 2018 Blue Earth Project Creatives

Featuring: Various Artists

The Color Of…

Featuring: Various Artists

THE LIT LIST: 30 Under-the-Radar Photographers

Featuring: Various Artists / The 30 Winners of Lit List 2018

The Meaning of Now: Living Life with Cancer

Featuring: Kisha Bari

The NPPA’s Best of Photojournalism

Featuring: Various Artists

The Others

Featuring: Annika Haas, Maxim Mjödov, Birgit Püve

The Players’ Tribune: Through the Lens

Featuring: Various Artists

The Power of Pink

Featuring: Las Fotos Project (Los Angeles, CA), A VOICE (Two Eagle River School - Flathead Reservation, MT), Club Balam (Chiapas, Mexico)

The VII Foundation

Featuring: Various Artists

The Wall

Featuring: Griselda San Martin

Too Far to Walk

Featuring: Lori Hawkins


Featuring: John Moore

Voyage à Dakar

Featuring: Judith Quax