• Two young Asian girls lying on a bed listening on their ear buds from the series Documenting China Stories of Change

Documenting China, Stories of Change

19 Jul 2018 2018 CONTAINER

Chinese visual storytellers document how four decades of modernization have changed China’s culture, landscape, and individuals, as the country continues to redefine itself.

Featuring: Chen Ronghui, Cheng Xinhao, Du Zi, Jiao Dongzi, Wang Dansui

Presented by

Lishui Photography Festival

Curated by

David Barreda, Ye Ming


In 1978, after two decades of a crippled economy, China announced a new policy of “Reform and Opening Up.” This policy brought on an economic miracle and drastically altered the country’s landscape, culture, and people. Since then, “change” became synonymous with China.   

From the surprising fate of China’s shrinking cities, to the quiet resilience of young migrant women, this exhibition features long-term projects by Chinese visual storytellers, who examine a country that is constantly adapting and redefining itself.


The Lishui Photography Festival is a biannual photo festival in the city of Lishui in southeastern China. Founded in 2004, the festival offers an ambitious program, featuring works of more than 100 Chinese and international photographers, showcased in over 300 exhibitions. It has become one of the most important Chinese photography festivals.