The Evolution of Visual Culture

19 Jul 2018 2018 OUTDOOR

“The Evolution of Visual Culture” explores visual trends developing through social and cultural shifts, achieved here through a mix of photojournalistic and creative images. This exhibition will present two Adobe Stock 2018 Visual Trends, The Fluid Self and Creative Reality, that are transforming into a singular photographic style, which will scale in popularity next year.

Featuring: Various Artists

Presented by

Adobe Stock

Curated by

Adobe Stock Content Team


This presentation includes both creative and editorial images curated from the extensive Adobe Stock collection to visually chart one example of the evolution of visual trends over the course of a year. “The Evolution of Visual Culture” reveals how popular visual topics and styles are not created in a vacuum but instead are related to specific cultural and societal developments while also tracing their roots to previous photographic styles.

Through combining news photos with creative images, we seek to highlight the relationship between real events and subsequent visual trends.


At Adobe Stock, we are dedicated to knowing where visual interest is growing to strategically build our content collection and lead customers and contributors into the future.

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