Foreigner: Migration into Europe 2015 – 2016

Foreigner: Migration into Europe 2015 – 2016 offers an alternative approach to the migrant and refugee crisis.

Featuring: Daniel Castro Garcia

Nominated by

Jon Levy at Medicins Sans Frontiers


Foreigner: Migration into Europe 2015–2016 is a photography book that documents the lives of people at various stages of their migration to Europe. The book is divided into six chapters that cover three aspects of this humanitarian crisis, focusing on migration to Italy from North Africa, migration to Greece and through the Balkans from the middle east into Austria and Germany, and the migrant camp in Calais known as ‘The Jungle’.

Alongside the photography, written texts serve both as a context, and a means to share the stories of the people we met during the project.

The book was created in response to the imagery used in the media to discuss the issue of migration, which I felt was sensationalist, alarmist and was not giving people the time and consideration they deserved. I wanted to approach the subject from a calmer perspective, using medium format portrait photography as a means of meeting the people at the centre the crisis face to face.

My work attempts to capture individual stories and to use photography as a peaceful and empowering tool, rather than one of judgement. The photographs are a protest against those who so readily attack refugees and migrants entering Europe without taking into consideration the dangers faced during the journey or the circumstances they are fleeing.

When journalism and public discourse move into the sphere of inflammatory language and misinformation, so often the real victims are forgotten.

This project was made with graphic designer Thomas Saxby and producer Jade Morris under the title of John Radcliffe Studio.


Daniel Castro Garcia is a London-based photographer and film-maker. He studied Spanish and Latin American Literature at University College London, and since graduating he has been developing his photography practise. Having started out as a street photographer working on personal projects his work now focuses on social documentary and portraiture.

In May 2015, Daniel started the photography project “Foreigner: Migration into Europe 2015-2016” in collaboration with John Radcliffe Studio partner Thomas Saxby and producer Jade Morris, which has subsequently been made into a photo book. In December 2015 he was nominated by Vice UK editor Bruno Bayley to enter the First Book Award founded by Mack Books, a photography publishing prize established in 2012 to support emerging photographers. In May 2016 the book was shortlisted for the award and has since had a print run of 1000 copies.

The project was publicly supported by Magnum photographers Martin Parr and Alec Soth; The Financial Times picture editor Emma Bowkett and The Photographers’ Gallery director Brett Rogers OBE.

Daniel’s work has subsequently been featured by The New Yorker, The British Journal of Photography, The Observer, PDN, Wallpaper Magazine, Paper Journal, Vice, i-D, Photoworks, Huck Magazine amongst others.