an older man playing the accordion at dusk

In Twilight: The Anatomy of a Long-Term Photo Project | Talk with Rene Perez

an older man playing the accordion at dusk

Featuring: Rene Perez

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Thursday, September 19 | 7:00PM – 8:00PM
Location: Leica Pavilion


Learn how to sustain your ongoing visual story with New York photographer and curator Rene Perez. In this talk, Rene will analyze how his life-long fascination with the magic hour became a long-term photo project. Following his successful In Twilight exhibit at the Leica Store New York SoHo, he will discuss which artists influenced his work and vision as well as how many of the photos in this portfolio that were conceived and executed. The concept of the long-term project will be broken down so that anyone can build on their personal passions with patience, persistence and determination to create a dynamic portfolio. 


Rene Perez is a New York based curator, fine art and commercial photographer. In 1974 the Texas native moved to Manhattan and worked for wire service and editorial publications covering local and national news events in New York City. In the 1990s he pursued more commercial avenues for his photography and has worked for several decades with a broad array of medical institutions in the New York area.
Following his passion for his fine art vision and Leica cameras, Mr. Perez worked as associate curator for 22 years with Leica Gallery New York involved in the presentation of more than 250 separate exhibits in the Leica Gallery alone. Since 2014, Perez has been sole curator of the exhibition space at the Leica Store New York Soho, curating more than 30 exhibits in the SoHo store.