black and white historical photo of a group of male immigrants on top of the brooklyn bridge

The Language of the City: Immigrant Voices

15 Aug 2019 OUTDOORS
1939 photo of a group of immigrants in Sunday school at a Spanish Christian Church in N.Y.C.

Featuring: Eugene de Salignac, Larry Racioppo, and other photographers employed by the City of New York between 1903-1956

Presented by

The New York City Municipal Archives


Curated by

Quinn Bolewicki

The Department of Records and Information Services, offers a selection of historical photographs from its Municipal Archives, featuring images of immigrants in the city. These images show everyday scenes in various communities, provoking the viewer to–potentially–reconsider the identity of immigrants during a volatile period in our country’s history.

We have selected the photographs from the New York City Municipal Archives’ massive collection of historical images—the largest repository of NYC digitized images in the world. The pictures show parents with children, shopkeepers, young people, and more.

The photographs are part of an exhibit that combines the Brooklyn College Immigrant Voices oral history display with content from the Municipal Archives and Library.


A variety of photographers employed by New York City government agencies between 1900 to the present, document interactions with the public and create eye-catching images of streetscapes.


The New York City Department of Records and Information Service’s mission is to foster civic life by protecting, preserving, and providing access to the historical and contemporary records of New York City government, ensuring that city records are properly maintained following professional archival and record management practices, and to make materials available to diverse communities both online, and in person.

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