Leica on Loan

17 Jan 2017 2016 LEICA

“Hands-on experiential learning is what the Leica Akademie is all about,” says Tom A. Smith, Manager of the Leica Akademie in North America. “The Leica on Loan program makes it easy for Photoville attendees to experience the Leica difference while exploring the festival’s picturesque surroundings.”

Leica on Loan

Presented in partnership with

Leica Akademie 


Location: Leica Akademie


Take a Leica camera for a 90min test drive! Loans are offered first-come, first-served. You will need your own SD memory card.

Leica on Loan will be available daily during the following times:
Wednesday 9/21: 4PM-8PM

Thursday 9/22: 12noon-8PM

Friday 9/23: 12noon-8PM

Saturday 9/24: 12noon-8PM

Sunday 9/25: 12noon-7PM

Share your images on Instagram with #LeicaVille for a chance to be featured on @LeicaCameraUSA and @LeicaAkademieUSA


Leica Akademie North America continues Leica’s long tradition of photographic education through experiential workshops offered in cities across North America. The Akademie’s goal is to increase the fun and enjoyment of photography, expand photography knowledge, and bring the total Leica experience to a new generation of photographers. Whether you are an experienced Leica photographer or a novice, there is no better way to learn Leica than the Leica Akademie. The Akademie offers a wide range of programs throughout the year.