Ignite your passion for photography with Leica at Photoville. Visit the Leica Pavilion for daily lectures, photowalks and celebrated Leica-on-Loan program.


Leica Camera is founded on a tradition of optical excellence and a conscious focus on the essentials of exquisite image making.  For over a century, the brand has motivated visual storytelling through the quintessential union of craftsmanship, design and experience, providing essential tools that influence the art, culture and creation of photography. Photoville attendees can see this firsthand at the Leica Pavilion, which will showcase a one-of-a-kind photographic experience through a variety of interactive Leica activities designed to ignite your passion for photography.


People, Portraits and Places Photowalk

Featuring: Jose “Tutes” Tutiven

No Plan B: The Talk

Featuring: David J. Carol

From Portrait to Pier: Capturing the Essence of the Sea

Featuring: EJ Camp

Leica Storytellers: Merging Art & Commerce To Feed My Soul And My Family

Featuring: Doug Menuez

Connecting with Culture: A Conversation with Miranda and Stella

Featuring: Miranda Barnes, Stella Johnson

Stunts and Stills Photowalk

Featuring: Ben Franke

Leica Storytellers: Prophet over Profit

Featuring: Ryan Muirhead

Light, Landscape and Leica Photowalk

Featuring: Pei Ketron

Leica Storytellers: A Longer View

Featuring: D. Randall Blythe

Expose the Night: Long Exposure Photowalk

Featuring: Antonio Di Benedetto

”The Geography of Hate” Talk

Featuring: Lynn Johnson

The Emotional Journey of Photographing a Face Transplant

Featuring: Maggie Steber & Lynn Johnson

Leica Storytellers: Modern Day Photojournalism

Featuring: Jackson Fager

Camera Talk with Kishore Sawh

Featuring: Kishore Sawh

Capturing Light Photowalk

Featuring: Mat Rick

What makes a Portrait a Portrait?

Featuring: Mark Mann

On the Streets with Andre D. Wagner

Featuring: Andre D. Wagner

Leica Storytellers: The Chronicles of the Evolving Photographer

Featuring: Philip Cuenco

Leica Storytellers: The Power of Print

Featuring: Stephen Vanasco

#WitnessBrooklyn Photowalk

Featuring: 13th Witness

Pursuing Long Term Projects and Books

Featuring: Harvey Stein

Leica Storytellers: The Art of Analog

Featuring: Stephen Vanasco

Color and Composure Photowalk

Featuring: Joe Greer