Ignite your passion for photography with Leica at Photoville. Visit the Leica Pavilion for daily lectures, photowalks and celebrated Leica-on-Loan program.


Leica Camera is founded on a tradition of optical excellence and a conscious focus on the essentials of exquisite image making.  For over a century, the brand has motivated visual storytelling through the quintessential union of craftsmanship, design and experience, providing essential tools that influence the art, culture and creation of photography. Photoville attendees can see this firsthand at the Leica Pavilion, which will showcase a one-of-a-kind photographic experience through a variety of interactive Leica activities designed to ignite your passion for photography.

Complimentary Leica-on-Loan Program

Explore, inspire and create with Leica at Photoville NYC in Leica’s complimentary, daily loan program. Select from an assortment of Leica cameras and lenses from the new Leica Q2 to the versatile Leica CL.

The loan program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. A photo ID, credit card, and SD card are required to participate.

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In the Zone | Photowalk with Phil Cuenco

THURSDAY, Sept 12th | 5PM - 6:30PM

Apply different ways of thinking to optimize your zone focusing experience with Leica Akademie Instructor Philip Cuenco on this technical photowalk. This photowalk is perfect for M-owners or photographers interested in experiencing the Leica M-System and its vast lens portfolio.

From the Streets of New York to the Printed Page

THURSDAY, Sept 12th | 7PM - 8PM

Go from print to published in a talk with Street Photographer Phil Penman as he discusses the process involved with the making of his debut book “STREET”.

Inspiration vs. Influence | Talk with Jason Roman

FRIDAY, Sept 13th | 5PM - 6PM

Discover how to effectively use YouTube to grow your personal brand and to connect with your audience. Explore the benefits of building a strong visual identity and how to use YouTube to empower creativity.

Printing for Improvement, Preservation & Profit | Talk with Eric Luden & Andrea Zocchi

FRIDAY. Sept 13th | 6.15PM - 7.15PM

Examine how fine printing can indulge with artistic practices with industry leaders Digital Silver Imaging.

Creativity and Imagination to Occupy the Future | Talk with Sheila Pree Bright

FRIDAY, Sept 13th | 7.30PM - 8.30PM

Discover how acclaimed photographic artist Sheila Pree Bright integrates her creativity and imagination to analyze complex social issues through visual narratives that are shaping our world.

Monochrom Magic | Photowalk With Mat Rick

SATURDAY, Sept 14th | 2.30PM - 4PM

Sharpen your creative edge as you explore the world of black and white photograph.

Weapon of Choice | Dialogue with Travon Free and Ruddy Roye

SATURDAY, Sept 14th | 4:30PM - 5:30PM

Photographers and writers Ruddy Roye and Travon Free discuss how and why their cameras are not only an important weapon in modern storytelling, but through demonstrations of their work, will explain why it’s critical to the landscape of photography for black and marginalized people to be the ones telling these stories.

Up Close & Personal with Modern Day Photojournalism | Talk with David Butow

SATURDAY, Sept 14th | 7.30PM - 8.30 PM

Unravel the techniques of capturing emotional visual stories without intruding on your subjects. Learn how to get close to your subject without impacting visual expressions.

Dance in 35 | Talk with Omar Z. Robles

SUNDAY, Sept 15th | 3PM - 4PM

Challenge yourself to optimize your photographic equipment in a discussion of movement and dance, and learn how to fine tune the most important of your tools – that piece behind your viewfinder.

Color & Contrast | Photowalk with Joe Greer

SUNDAY, Sept 15th | 4.30PM - 6PM

Explore the hidden gems of Brooklyn Bridge Park in this golden hour photowalk. A selection of Leica cameras and lenses will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for use during this photowalk.

Framing Fame | Talk with @iamsuede

SUNDAY, Sept 15th | 6.30PM – 7.30PM

Discover how a concert photographer blends into the scene to capture candid moments of his celebrity subjects.

Street Photography & The Search of True Love | Photowalk with Doug Menuez

THURSDAY, Sept 19th | 5PM - 6.30PM

Fall in love with the art of portraiture in a golden hour photowalk with documentary photographer Doug Menuez. Models are on-site.

In Twilight: The Anatomy of a Long-Term Photo Project | Talk with Rene Perez

THURSDAY, Sept 19th | 7PM - 8PM

Learn how to sustain your ongoing visual story with New York photographer and curator Rene Perez. In this talk, Rene will analyze how his life-long fascination with the magic hour became a long-term photo project.

How to Use the Street as Your Studio Photowalk

FRIDAY. Sept 20th | 5PM - 6.30PM

Capture the delicate expressions and beautiful movements of the human body in dance form against the backdrop of the urban landscape.

Expose the Night: Long Exposure | Photowalk with Antonio Di Benedetto

FRIDAY, Sept 20th | 7PM - 9PM

Unravel the magic of night photography in an enchanting photowalk along the stunningly lit Brooklyn Bridge Park. Attendees are required to bring their own tripod for long exposure photography.

Be Here Now – The Zen Photographic Experience | Photowalk with David Butow

SATURDAY, Sept 21st | 3PM - 4.30PM

Learn how to simplify the technicalities of photography to build and develop a connection with your subject with photojournalist David Butow.

Stunts and Stills | Photo Experience with Ben Franke

SATURDAY, Sept 21st | 5.30PM - 7PM

Capture movement while chasing light with Ben Franke in a parkour photowalk.

Wisdom Anthologies: The Human Connection | Talk with Anne Marie Vivienne

SATURDAY, Sept 21st | 7.30PM - 8.30PM

Re-connect with the human experience in an aging feminine perspective of elderhood with Wisdom Anthologies.

From Al Sol to Zoi | Talk with Stella Johnson

SUNDAY, Sept 22nd | 2PM - 3PM

Investigate culture, community, and family while learning how to develop lifelong relationships with the people you photograph in an artist talk with Stella Johnson.

Shaping Shadows | Photowalk with Alan Schaller

SUNDAY, Sept 22nd | 3.30 PM - 5PM

Make compelling visual stories using the shadows of Brooklyn in a light and contrast photowalk with London-based photographer Alan Schaller.

Intentional accidents – The Art of Blended Exposures | Talk with Michael Turek

SUNDAY, Sept 22nd | 5.30PM – 6.30PM

Learn the method behind creating remarkable blended exposures on film.