• unclose of a man's color tattooed arms with the words Ain't No Sunshine from the series N.O.K. Next of Kin

N.O.K: Next Of Kin

19 Jul 2018 2018 CONTAINER

Through photographs and testimonials, this exhibition giving an intimate look into the life of America’s Gold Star Families.

Featuring: Inbal Abergil

Presented by

Inbal Abergil

Curated by

Fred Ritchin

“N.O.K.: Next of Kin” documents how Gold Star Families cope with loss and memory through their handling of their loved ones killed in action in wars spanning from World War II to The Vietnam War and the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Since 2014, I have been traveling throughout the U.S. to meet with relatives of fallen soldiers and to document their methods of coping through the preservation of personal effects. Through photographs and testimonials, my work honors the dead while at the same time giving voice to a community of survivors who keep memories alive as they strive to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of loss.


Inbal Abergil is a photographer and educator originally from Jerusalem. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Israel, South Korea and Europe, and is part of the collections of the Israel Museum, Fisher Landau Center for Art, Haaretz; and The American University Art Museum. Her photographs have appeared in publications such as The Los Angeles Times, Lens Culture, Musée Magazine, Photograph Magazine and PDN. Her first monograph, “N.O.K.: Next Of Kin,” was published by Daylight Publishing in 2017.

Her series, “Nothing Left Here But The Hurt,” was nominated for the prestigious Prix Pictet Photography Prize (2012). In 2015, “N.O.K.” was selected for Artspire, a program of the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). She was selected as a 2013 FlaxArt International Artist in Residence in Northern Ireland and was an artist in residence at Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York (2015). Most recently ,she is the recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Grant (2017) and was a finalist for the 2018 CDS Documentary Essay Prize in Photography at Duke University.

Abergil received her M.F.A. in Visual Arts from Columbia University (2011) and is an Assistant Professor of photography at Pace University.

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