PHOTOVILLE goes beyond the boundaries of our shipping containers.
Incredible installations and interactive happenings encourage visitors to interact with photography in new and unexpected ways.

“Lawn Oyounak” : The Color of His Eyes

Featuring: Eslah Attar

#Gratitude #Thanks #Spasibo

Featuring: Nate Larson, Marni Shindelman

50 New York Artists

Featuring: Various Artists

As-Salaam Alaikum, America

Featuring: Lynsey Addario, Wayne Lawrence


Featuring: Angela Ponce

Don Hogan Charles

Featuring: Don Hogan Charles

Federal Project 2

Featuring: Wendy Red Star, Tommy Kha, Mark Steinmetz, Sofia Valiente, Damon Davis, Barry Stone, Leanne Shapton, Shane Lavalette

Glasshouse of Immigrants

Featuring: Jill Enfield

Hot Mamma

Featuring: Sinjun Strom




Featuring: Janette Beckman

In These Clasped Hands

Featuring: Courtney D. Garvin

Invisible: Migrant Workers in Singapore

Featuring: Xyza Cruz Bacani

Ke Lefa Laka

Featuring: Lebohang Kganye

Las Vegas, New Mexico

Featuring: Gabriel Ellison-Scowcroft

Letters from my Exile

Featuring: Diana Bejarano

Live like Lola

Featuring: Moriah Ratner

love, loss, and longing

Featuring: Hadeer Mahmoud

Moon Dust

Featuring: Mohamed Mahdy

One day, I will

Featuring: Vincent Tremeau


Featuring: Sebastián Hidalgo

Safe Home

Featuring: Cengiz Yar

The Evolution of Visual Culture

Featuring: Various Artists

The Geography of Hate

Featuring: Lynn Johnson

The McFarthest Place

Featuring: Mark Kauzlarich

The Oldest Colony

Featuring: Erika P. Rodriguez

The Soul(s) of…

Featuring: Makeba Rainey

This Time We Are Young

Featuring: Esther Ruth Mbabazi

Union of Concerned Photographers

Featuring: Ami Vitale, Frans Lanting, Joe Redman, Mandy Barker, Luca Locatelli