• a young woman sitting on a seat in a New York Ferry from the series: People of the Ferry

People of the Ferry

19 Jul 2018 2018 CONTAINER

The images in this series are part of an ongoing project started in Summer 2017 about new avenues and moods that have opened up in New York City’s urban landscape when the NYC Ferry started serving South Brooklyn, the Rockaways, Astoria and along the East River route.

Featuring: Francesca Magnani

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NYC Ferry

Curated by

Elana Ehrenberg


The NYC Ferry and the relationship with water — going back to Old New York before the bridges and subways were built — changed the way people think and feel about commuting. For a street photographer, it’s like new streets have opened up in New York City with the possibility of new angles and perspectives on well-known backgrounds, bridges and landscapes. In the images I see the sense of freedom, vacation and expectation that I experienced firsthand. I am also impressed by the temporary but very real community that is created when people embark for a destination, whether it takes ten minutes or almost an hour to get there — we are all in the same boat. I like the diversity of commuters, caregivers, tourists, beach goers, families, lovers and someone like me.


Francesca Magnani was born in Padua, Italy and since 1997 is a New York based journalist and photographer. Francesca’s stories over the years have been published in Italian magazines and have often stemmed from everyday encounters in the streets of the Big Apple. They have ranged widely in interest from issues of lifestyle to identity, from incarceration to one’s relationship with space. Living half her life immersed in a culture extraneous from her own, being trained academically in Classics and Anthropology, teaching Italian to hundreds of students, her work bridges cultures, and by showing glimpses of people’s lives that touch her and reach her, she chronicles at the same time her own life.

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NYC Ferry Operated by Hornblower has served over six million riders since its launch in May 2017. Currently operating six routes connecting waterfront communities in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx, NYC Ferry has opened up new ways to cruise your city. At just $2.75 with free transfers within the system, NYC Ferry provides critical transportation links for areas currently underserved by transit, allowing riders to commute in comfort from Rockaway to Soundview.

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