Presented in partnership with PhotoWings

Produced by United Photo Industries at Photoville NYC 2018

Thanks to the generous support of our partners at PhotoWings, we had the opportunity to film the incredible talks that took place in the beautiful space donated by Two Trees Management during Photoville 2018. The team at PhotoWings have a great track record of documenting powerful panels, events and artist talks and making them free to the masses, so it was a natural fit to collaborate with them on creating this educational resource.

We are excited to share with you these thought-provoking, brilliant conversations that took place during Photoville NYC last year. Click here to visit PhotoWings and learn more about our collaboration, and here to learn more about our Photoville Talks.


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An afternoon with Jamel Shabazz

Presented as part of Photoshelter’s Luminance Professional Development Day, featuring Jamel Shabazz

Being a photographer can be a fascinating and fulfilling career, but it doesn’t come without its obstacles. Acclaimed photographer Jamel Shabazz discusses his career, including how his art has evolved, how he has been able to balance his commercial and his personal work and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Jamel is a Brooklyn-based photographer and has been documenting the streets of New York City since 1980 and exhibits his work around the globe. He has unparalleled experience in his field and will share his firsthand insights and advice.

ALTAR: Prayer, Ritual, Offerings

Presented in partnership with MFON and featuring Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, Adama Delphine Fawundu, Crystal Whaley, Diane Wah, ReginĂŞ Romain

A panel discussion moderated by MFON co-founders, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn and Adama Delphine Fawundu, will feature contributing photographers sharing perspectives on photography and spirituality.

How Do We Focus Our Gaze? Connecting Photography & Social Impact

Presented in partnership with Catchlight and featuring Nancy Farese (Moderator), Sarah Blesener, Brian L. Frank, and Tomas Van Houtryve

Hear from CatchLight’s founder and fellows about our unique focus on solving the giant mismatch between artists and their potential for social impact by surrounding longform storytelling with resources, networks and leadership to bring to life and amplify the reach of their stories. This public presentation will focus on the experiences of CatchLight’s inaugural fellows, and an open discussion of our approach to promoting social change through the arts.

The Art of the Pitch: Preparing and writing proposals, grants and more

Presented as part of Photoshelter’s Luminance Professional Development Day and featuring Emma Raynes and Laura Roumanos

You have been working on a long term project for years, what is next? Applying for a grant to keep going? Search for an exhibition opportunity or try and find a job that pays the bills while documenting that one passion story? Join Emma Raynes, Director of Programs at the Magnum Foundation and United Photo Industries and Photoville’s Co-Founder Laura Roumanos, in a 45 minute crash course that covers everything from searching for job and exhibition opportunities, responding to request for proposals and learning the tricks of the trade to writing the perfect grant submission.

Changing the Game: Creative Ways to Get Noticed and Make Money

Presented as part of Photoshelter’s Luminance Professional Development Day, and featuring Allen Murabayashi (Moderator), Karston Tannis, Aundre Larrow, Delphine Diallo, Erick Urgiles

We hear it all the time: Everyone’s a photographer. Advanced camera features on your phone have made it increasingly difficult for skilled photographers to break through the noise, get noticed and land jobs. With a changed landscape for professionals, we’ll sit down with photographers who are thinking outside the box to grow and market their careers. From brand ambassadors to teaching and fellowships opportunities to starting related businesses, learn how these creatives are redefining the game, making connections and attracting the clients they want.

Nonprofit Storytelling: How Photographers and Marketers Inspire Change

Presented as part of Photoshelter’s Luminance Professional Development Day, and featuring Andrew Fingerman (Moderator), Patrick Egan, BayetĂ© Ross Smith, Sarah Matheson

In this panel, we’ll be joined by photographers and nonprofit directors to discuss how creatives and marketers work together to bring important stories to life and inspire action — all while navigating tight resources and budgets. Discover how photographers are helping advance the work of important social causes today and learn how you can connect with the organizations you care most about.

How to Impress Photo Editors, Land a Job and Negotiate Your Best Deal

Presented as part of Photoshelter’s Luminance Professional Development Day, and featuring Kari Anderson (Moderator), Amy Wolff, Drew Gurian, Lyne Lucien

Most photographers will tell you that finding new clients and locking down quality work is an ongoing challenge — and a big one at that. In this panel, we’ll address this head on and share tips, advice and lessons learned from photographers, photo editors and art producers on how to land a job. We’ll discuss the best ways for you to connect with potential clients and what photo editors truly want. We’ll also dig into how to negotiate a contract and share tips to secure your best deal.

The Importance and How To’s of Archiving Work and Legacy

Presented as part of Photoshelter’s Luminance Professional Development Day, and featuring Julie Grahame (Moderator), Mary Engel, Suzie Katz

Julie Grahame, consultant and creator of aCurator, will sit down with two working professionals who know the world of archiving inside and out. Suzie Katz, president and founder of PhotoWings, and Mary Engel, president and founder of American Photography Archives Group, will discuss the importance of archiving, the best techniques and platforms, and how to start thinking about the legacy you’ll leave behind.

Attacks On Press Freedom in Mexico

Presented in partnership with Bronx Documentary Center, and featuring Alexandra Ellerbeck, Ginger Thompson, Emmanuel Guillén Lozano, and Alejandra Ibarra Chaoul

This conversation will touch on Mexico becoming one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists, with levels of violence unmatched by any country in the Western hemisphere. With extensive research from CPJ and Lozano’s personal insight on what it is like to work in this life-threatening atmosphere, this conversation will shed light on Mexico’s press climate.

Future Imagemakers Speak Out

Presented in partnership with NYU Tisch Future Imagemakers, The Bronx Junior Photo League, The Lower Eastside Girls Club and featuring Lorie Novak and Riana Gideon (Moderators), Aisha Conte, Bianca Colon, Gabriella Rodriguez, Nailea Dominguez, Ashley Ryan and Aicha Cherif.

Young artists and activists are shifting our national conversations about issues surrounding civil rights, resistance, the environment, LGBTQ+ rights, immigration, race, class, gentrification, disability rights, freedom of speech and more. They are using social media, marching in the streets and using their cameras to explore their communities, families, environments, and human rights issues and showing us what it means to live in America with its unique cultural heritage, while envisioning new possibilities for the future. In this panel, high school photographers from photography programs throughout New York City will present and discuss their work.u’ll leave behind.

Connecting with Culture: A Conversation with Miranda and Stella

Presented in partnership with Leica. Featuring Andrea Bruce (Moderator), Miranda Barnes and Stella Johnson.

Join the conversation between Leica photographers, Miranda Barnes and Stella Johnson, as they discuss their experiences documenting and connecting with communities they themselves don’t belong to.

Inspired Live at Photoville

Presented in partnership with Inspired Live and featuring Laylah Barrayn, Shiho Fukada, Courtney Garvin, Sebastián Hidalgo, Smriti Keshari, Nate Larson, Griselda San Martin, and Dave Shelley

Producers and co-founders Marcel Saba, Amy Wolff and Mathieu Young are pleased to bring you Inspired Live at Photoville. Join us for a fast-paced presentation by a unique group of cross-disciplined Photoville artists as they reveal their sources of creativity. Inspired by PechaKucha presentations, each speaker selects 15 images which stays on screen for 20 seconds each, creating a dynamic 6-minute presentation. What inspires their work? A person, place, idea or object?

PDN’s 30: Advice for Emerging Photographers from Emerging Photographers

Presented in partnership with Photo District News (PDN), and featuring Miranda Barnes and Stella Johnson

Photographers chosen for PDN’s 30: New and Emerging Photographers to Watch will share the useful lessons they learned as they launched their careers. The panelists will discuss planning and funding personal projects, their strategies for promoting their work to potential clients and galleries, and how they built a support network.

Photography and Trauma

Presented in partnership with The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and The ACOS Alliance (A Culture of Safety) and featuring Nicole Schilit, Bruce Shapiro, Ashley Gilberston, Cengiz Yar, and Alison Baskerville.

This panel aims to highlight how common psychological stress and trauma is among journalists and discuss related topics: Why are photographers and photo editors at particular risk? What are the barriers to treating trauma and how do we address them? What resources are available?

In Conversation: Taslima Akhter and Robin Berson

Presented in partnership with Magnum Foundation, and featuring Taslima Akhter and Robin Berson

Taslima Akhter and Robin Berson will be speaking in conversation about their processes as artists and activists working in the labor movement, advocating for the rights of garment workers. The two have collaborated and communicated from across the world: Akhter in Bangladesh, and Benson in New York, on projects memorializing the lives of mostly female garment workers that have been lost in preventable factory tragedies. Both women work on the ground for the equal rights of workers and to create an awareness of the conditions that exist within garment factories worldwide.


Presented in partnership with PhotoWings, additional support for the 2018 Photoville Sessions was provided by Two Trees Management, the Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation, Photoshelter, and the School of Visual Arts, Division of Continuing Education

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