Segregated by Design

Segregated by Design

Featuring Student photographers from United Nations International School Human Rights Project: Karinel Aponte – KIPP, Jacob Blau – UNIS, Claire Farhi – Humanities Prep, Won-Jae Chang – UNIS, Isabella Serrano – UNIS

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United Nations International School Human Rights Project







Thursday, September 19


Segregated by Design is a photojournalism project created by students from New York City High Schools who took part in the 2019 United Nations International School Human Rights Project.

The project is the culmination of training in human rights, advocacy, photography, oral history, and three intensive weeks traveling throughout the city to meet with academics, community organizers and activists working to end segregation in housing, healthcare, the criminal justice system and education.

The exhibit will be on display at Photoville 2019.

In this panel, students will present their photos, and discuss the legacy of redlining and segregation in different zip codes across New York City.

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The United Nations International School Human Rights Project is an initiative at the United Nations International School (UNIS) that integrates the values of human dignity, equality, and justice into teaching and learning.

The program is a collaboration between UNIS and over sixty New York City schools, human rights, theatre, cultural, and media organizations. The yearlong program is free to all NYC high school students and equips them with the skills to use photography, art, and storytelling to advocate for human rights. Throughout the summer holiday and school year, students investigate, document, organize, and educate others about local human rights issues and advocate for policy changes.

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