Sensation Photography : Focus on Korean Documentary

8 Aug 2017 2017 CONTAINER

The exhibition presents Korean photography based on the concept of memories and is divided into two containers to show Korean photography, past and present, through archival documents and contemporary works.

Featuring: Jinhee Bae, Ji-Soon Bek, Hyong-ryol Bak, Insook Kim, Jee Won Kim, Sung Yong Kim, Gun Young Lee, Seok Hoon Lee, Sunmin Lee, Wonchul Lee, Anna Lim, Hyung-geun Park

Presented by

Extraordinary Team of Mug Publishing

Curated by

Jin Hee Bae (CEO, Mug) & Mijung Jun (Founder, Memory Plant)











This exhibit aims to introduce Korean photography with the concept of memories. It is divided into two parts (two containers), and shows Korean photography, past and present, through archival documents and contemporary photography of Seoul. In the contemporary booth, 12 Seoul-based photographers focus on existence, identity, and Korean society. The archival booth shows the history of Seoul using records from public archives and photos from albums of ordinary people. All photographers have been published in the Korean photo magazine, Sensation Photography. All archival images were collected by Memory Plant, an independent social enterprise.


All 12 photographers represented here work in South Korea. Most of them have had work exhibited in domestic and foreign group shows, as well as solo exhibitions.


Sensation Photography is published by MUG Publishing, a Seoul-based publishing company that focuses on art books, photography, illustration, printed matter and more. Founded by Jin Hee Bae in 2008, we have been fortunate enough to work with fantastic individuals and organizations in art, culture, education, and corporate fields. Our art project, Extraordinary Team (Seok Hoon Lee, Seung Won Jung, Yu Ri Kim, Hee Kyung Oeu, Seong Wook Bang) supports and promotes artists who work mainly in photography.

This year, we collaborated with Memory Plant, an independent Seoul-based company with the vision “To Remember is To Live.” This team is a social enterprise that aims to broaden the horizon of records culture through exhibition, publication and education planning services based on the expertise in photography, and to serve as an archive of person and life history that focused on photographs. Both companies will introduce Korean photography on the topic of memories.