Teaching Creativity: A Case for Art Education

Teaching Creativity: A Case for Art Education

The 2020 Photoville Festival Education Month is proudly presented in partnership with PhotoWings with additional support by the Philip and Edith Leonian Foundation.

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This panel will celebrate New York City students and their arts educators. We will also present a call to action: Ensure that arts education remains a leading factor in the curriculum of every child.


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Featuring: Student Photographers


High School of Fashion Industries

The mission of the High School of Fashion Industries is to provide challenging, creative, and effective career, technical, and academic training for New York City students.

High School of Art and Design

The mission of the High School of Art & Design is to inspire, educate, and fully prepare our gifted students to become exceptional artists. Through a unified curriculum that incorporates a broad spectrum of disciplines integrating art, technology, and academics, our students are prepared to go on to college and careers with industry-standard mastery, in the major of their choice. With a commitment to promoting strong ethical values and professional demeanor, we strive to foster a sense of community among our students, staff, and parents. We are dedicated to engendering the student’s productive, creative, and innovative participation in the world of visual arts, as concerned and caring citizens of the global community.

East Side Community School

We are a small, 6-12th grade college preparatory school, dedicated to the belief that all students can, must, and will learn and succeed academically. We set high standards for each of our students, and we help them meet these standards by providing personal attention, a strong sense of community, high quality instruction, and engaging and innovative learning experiences, inside and outside of the classroom. Students, staff, families, and community members, see themselves as part of a team, whose main goal is the success of every individual student in our diverse learning community. We have a school-wide commitment to promoting social justice and combating racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and any other form of discrimination. The goal of the school is to create a community of highly skilled students, lifetime learners, critical thinkers, and socially responsible citizens who, upon graduation, will be prepared to succeed in college and beyond.

James Madison High School, Brooklyn, New York

The mission of James Madison High School is: to instill the “Principles of Madison” by using a variety of data to address the individual needs and interests of students, and to provide a course of study that holds them to high standards, and that is inherently enriching and supportive.

Charles O. Dewey Middle School 136, Brooklyn, New York

Working together with our community partners, our students at Middle School 136, will gain an understanding of the basic principles of camera functions and digital photography. Students will explore the design elements of images, creative and innovative approaches to conceiving photographs, and ways of developing visual awareness.

Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School, Brooklyn, New York

At Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School, we provide a rigorous academic program dedicated to preparing students to be college and career ready. Students are immersed in authentic learning experiences in the fields of digital art, film, and technology. Through this specialized program that incorporates academic, creative, and technical skills, students are prepared for postsecondary education, and a career in the field of media. To learn more visit us at digitaltechhs.org and follow us @digitaltechhs.

Hillside Arts & Letters Academy, Jamaica, New York

The mission of Hillside Arts and Letters Academy is to offer students a challenging college preparatory curriculum, with a special emphasis on visual arts, music, and writing. Students at Hillside Arts become self-directed and resourceful learners, with a deep appreciation for the arts as not only a source of enjoyment and personal growth, but also as a path to understanding, and changing, society. We prepare students to graduate as independent thinkers, who are academically well-rounded, creative, and especially well-prepared to innovate and collaborate.

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