Photoville LA May 4, 2019 image of a group of female attendees looking at Mash Up exhibit images displayed on the outside of a shipping container


3 Aug 2019 OUTDOORS
Photoville LA May 4, 2019 image of a group of female attendees looking at Mash Up exhibit images displayed on the outside of a shipping container

Featuring: Cey Adams, Janette Beckman, Mister Cartoon, Jules Muck, Maxx242, and Jeff Soto

Presented by

United Photo Industries


Curated by

Cey Adams & Janette Beckman


This exhibition was originally produced and presented by United Photo Industries in partnership with the Annenberg Space for Photography presents Photoville LA in April 2019











The MASH UP series was conceived and curated by artist and former Def Jam Creative Director, Cey Adams. Adams selected the participating artists, and Janette Beckman allowed each artist to select a photo from her archive to recreate in their own distinct style. For the Annenberg Space for Photography presents PHOTOVILLE LA in April of this year, the United Photo Industries team asked the dynamic duo of Beckman and Adams to conceive once again a large scale Mash-Up, with 4 West Coast artists. UPI are excited to bring the awe-inspiring work of Mister Cartoon, Jules Muck, Jeff Soto and MAxx 242 to the East Coast for all New Yorkers to enjoy!

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Janette Beckman is a British-born photographer who now lives and works in New York. She began her career at the dawn of punk rock working for music magazines. After moving to New York City in 1983, she photographed hip-hop pioneers including Run DMC, Slick Rick, and LL Cool J. Her work has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide. She is represented by the Fahey / Klein Gallery in Los Angeles. Beckman continues to chronicle sub-cultures of our generation in addition to working on shoots for fashion brands such as Levi’s, and Dior.

Cey Adams, a New York City native, emerged from the downtown graffiti movement to exhibit alongside fellow artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. As the Creative Director of Def Jam Recordings, he created visual identities, album covers, logos, and campaigns for Run DMC, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Notorious B.I.G., Maroon 5, and Jay-Z. Today Adams’ work focuses on themes including pop culture, brand identity, cultural, and community issues. He recently collaborated with Levi’s, Converse, Pabst Blue Ribbon, YouTube, and Google.

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mister Cartoon’s expressive style of art is universally recognized and embodies the true soul of Los Angeles street culture. Beginning his career as a graffiti artist in the 1980’s, he gained notoriety for his album cover designs, logos, advertisements, custom lowrider car murals and his one of a kind tattoos.

Mister Cartoon’s richly detailed, hand-rendered designs are inspired by the style of tattoos that originated in the streets of 1970s’ Los Angeles – fine line Chicano black and grey custom tattoo art. Mister Cartoon took this style of tattooing and brought it into mainstream culture, he is known as a pioneer in the tattoo world as one of the first artists to get global notoriety by tattooing celebrities, athletes, musicians, and actors alike.

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Jules Muck began writing graffiti as a teen in Europe and England in the 90s. Back in NYC she worked under Lady Pink for many years. Muck bombed with Spek and Since and was painting highways and rooftops with BTC throughout the late nineties. Her first interview in 1999 was by Zephyr for While you were Sleeping magazine. Smith took Muck into the nyc subway tunnels and the freight yards. Muck was christened into graffiti by some great early legends. She has been published in numerous books including Broken windows, Burning New York, ganz’s Graffiti Women and Cey Adam’s the Art and Design of Hip Hop. Muck has had work in numerous collaborative projects such as the wooster collectives 11 Spring St., Hanksy’s Surplus Candy, she was one of the first females to paint at 106th and Park Hall of fame in NYC and did and installation with the Guerrilla Girls for the lobby of the Bronx Museum of Art.

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Jeff Soto is a painter, illustrator and muralist who has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. As a youth, he simultaneously discovered both traditional painting and illegal graffiti – and, ever since, both worlds have informed his work. The artist’s distinct color palette, subject matter and technique resonate with a growing audience and bridge the gap between pop surrealism and street art. Inspired by youthful nostalgia, nature, and popular culture, his bold, representational work is simultaneously accessible and stimulating.

He lives and works in California with his wife and two daughters.

Soto shows with Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York City.

He is represented by B&A Reps for illustration work.

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Max Gramajo better known as “Maxx242” is an artist specializing in graphic illustration, design, typography as well as graffiti art. He is best known for his sharp precise line work and bold letter style. His ability to create bright sizable murals is remarkable. Maxx242 grew up skateboarding and painting graffiti, both of which befall into his art today. Maxx242 clients include Blink182, 311, Pearl Jam, The Used, Bad Religion, Box Car Racer, Transplants, Osiris, Famous Stars and Straps, Tribal, 3rd Rail, Orange County Choppers, ODM, FOX Racing, Hart and Huntington Tattoo Co. just to name a few. Additionally, he has always been inspired by comics, music, toys and movies. He is a fan of the New York Yankees, yet lives and works in Southern California.

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