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The VII Foundation

19 Jul 2018 2018 CONTAINER

The VII Foundation, a charitable media, education organization, documents and addresses societal issues—from hunger in public schools to poverty in Africa, and from post-conflict reconciliation to health awareness in New York City. The work spans the intimate to the iconic, engaging viewers through social practice and vibrant visual narratives.

Featuring: Jon Lee Anderson, Stephen Ferry, Martin Fletcher, Ashley Gilbertson, Philip Gourevitch, Ron Haviv, Ed Kashi, Gary Knight, Anthony Loyd, Gilles Peress, Nichole Sobecki, Jon Swain, Nicole Tung, Fiona Turner, Lauren Walsh, Danny Wilcox Frazier, Robin Wright

Presented by

The VII Foundation

Curated by

Ron Haviv & Gary Knight


The VII Foundation presents projects that include: “Peace,” a multi-platform endeavor examining life in post-conflict societies; “Eat Up,” a documentary film addressing systemic hunger in Boston public schools; “Fighting on the Frontline,” tackling health awareness in New York City; “Lost Rolls America,” an archive celebrating the role of analog film and recovered memories; and “Millennium Villages Project,” focusing on ways to reduce poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. “Biography of a Photo,” a documentary film about two iconic photographs of conflict shape the course of history and inspire a quest for justice.  


The VII Foundation is an independent, charitable media and education non-profit organization. It was founded by Ron Haviv and Gary Knight when they recognized that media funding for long term projects was diminishing. In order to continue to produce work that addressed complex social, economic and human rights issues, they started the Foundation as an independent non-profit structure to secure support for continuing documentary practice and education.

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