Caribbean blue water; sun yellow, rust and emerald green terrain, cerulean blue water. Exhibit photographs were shot in Greenland and Iceland, while hanging out of the open door of a helicopter.


17 Aug 2019 OUTDOORS
Water depicted as liquid, vapor, and solid in metallic silver, shades of green and blue. Exhibit photographs were shot in Greenland and Iceland, while hanging out of the open door of a helicopter.

Featuring: Roger Fishman






This exhibition was featured at the Annenberg Space for Photography presents Photoville LA in April 2019


This four-part collection explores water as a symbol for our innate ability to transform our lives—and the world we live in—for the better.

Three atoms, two hydrogen and one oxygen, combine to transform into water.

Water is power. And powerful. It creates and sculpts life, societies, and our planet.

Water itself can transform between three different states: liquid, vapor, and solid.

This collection defines and explores a fourth state: Water as Art.

In this series, you will experience architectural icebergs, abstract water and melting ice sheet compositions, and calligraphic glaciers.

All of these images are created to be emotionally evocative in order to generate intrigue and engagement with the subject matter.

These photographs were shot in Greenland and Iceland, while hanging out of the open door of a helicopter.

This extraordinary perspective of looking straight down onto planet Earth eliminates any familiar visual context, thus requiring you to fully engage your imagination.

So allow yourself to be transported to—and perhaps transformed—by the world of water in all of its extraordinary glory and power.


Roger grew up in Orange, Connecticut, a small town of 16,000. Although his family was financially poor, Roger was well-loved. While his family did not have the resources to travel, Roger dreamt of exploring the world by reading National Geographic, watching Jacques Cousteau, and studying wildlife and different cultures from around the world.

He was driven to be financially successful in life, and to never be poor again. So, he worked seven days a week and 80-100 hour work weeks. All of the time and hard work paid off. He had a successful career in corporate America, and eventually created his own successful business.

However, when his son was born, his life was changed…and he changed his life…
To spend quality and quantity time with his wife and son…
To live his own childhood dreams of art and adventure…
And to make a difference in the lives of others, and in our planet.

Roger now creates his own art projects with which he seeks to engage, challenge, and inspire others to live their lives in a more full, present, and purposeful way.

His original creative focus was on wildlife, and had him doing things such as camping in the blizzards of Antarctica, in order to photograph and film emperor penguins in their natural habitat. It also involved crawling on his hands and knees towards cheetahs in Africa, so he could get an eye to eye connection to their spirit. He has also walked up a river chest-deep in water, to be just feet away from hungry grizzly bears.

Roger now likes to hang out of a helicopter to do aerial photography in Greenland and Iceland. His latest work is entitled TRANSFORMATION: Water as Art. Roger Fishman Biography

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