If This is True… 8,000 Miles on a Motorcycle in the USA

9 Jan 2017 2016 CONTAINER
If This is True… 8,000 Miles on a Motorcycle in the USA showcases the result of Robin de Puy’s 2015 road trip through the American countryside.

Featuring: Robin de Puy

Presented by

United Photo Industries, in partnership with Robin de Puy & The Ravestijn Gallery

Curated by

Jenny Smets



Supported by

Digital Silver Imaging


“I do not want to go back – no launch parties or openings anymore. Wearing the same pair of jeans every day, feeling the sun on my skin and deciding whether I will stay or go on the day itself. I also love that everything I own here fits into two saddle bags and a backpack.”

Robin de Puy’s thoughts, jotted down in her journal on 4 June, 2015. At that point, she had been in America for four weeks and covered 4,908 kilometers on her Harley-Davidson. Another six weeks and 5,092 kilometers to go. De Puy is a young portrait photographer in great demand. In 2014, she decided to go on a trip as a way of escaping the pressure of public expectations. Her success has a downside: the constant flood of commissions leaves her almost no time for autonomous work and she feared losing her sense of creative freedom. Her American road trip gave her the chance to go back to deciding for herself what to photograph.


Robin de Puy graduated from the Fotoacademie Rotterdam in 2009. She subsequently won the Photo Academy Award 2009 and was nominated for various photography prizes. Her work is published in a number of national and international magazines, including New York magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, ELLE, Vrij Nederland, Volkskrant, The Opéra and many more. She lives and works in Amsterdam.


Curator Jenny Smets is an Amsterdam-based Director of Photography, independent curator and educator.

The Ravestijn Gallery was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 by Jasper Bode and Narda van ‘t Veer. Showcasing several exhibitions a year from Dutch as well as international photographers, the gallery focuses on new perspectives on landscape, portraiture and still life.

The documentary Robin’s Road Trip is made by Dutch Simone Vries (director) and Maarten van Rossem (camera). Produced by Paul Ruven/Talent United 2015