8 Aug 2017 2017 CONTAINER

Athlete/Human” by The Players’ Tribune is a stripped-down, intimate view of athletes off the field by today’s top photographers.

Featuring: Walter Iooss Jr., Jed Jacobsohn, Maureen Cavanagh, Nate Gordon, Sam Maller, Taylor Baucom, Guillermo Hernandez, Pete Souza, Lynn Johnson, Michael LeBrecht, Todd Rosenberg, Jared Wickerham, Annie Flanagan, Al Tielemans, Sam Robles, Rob Tringali, Kohjiro Kinno, Megan McNulty, Kevin Liles, Cooper Neil, Clay Patrick McBride, Bryan Bennett, Samantha Appleton, Anthony Geathers, Rod Mar, Tim CLayton, Chip Litherland, Simon Bruty, Deanne Fitzmaurice, Andrew Hancock, TheOnePoint8, Roman Knertzer, Robert Beck, Jeffery A. Salter

Presented by

The Players’ Tribune

Curated by

Nate Gordon, Maureen Cavanagh


The big business of sports has separated us from the fundamental truth that the athletes we celebrate on the field are human beings off of it.

By partnering directly with athletes to tell their own stories, The Players’ Tribune strives to give a more complete perspective. We pair today’s most recognizable athletes with top photographers, emphasizing a stripped-down, intimate approach. Our goal is to give fans a view of their heroes rarely seen in media today.


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