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Arder la casa, on political violence, family and exile

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 1
 archive : 2022

Presented by Photoville

Arder la casa explores the contingencies of political violence in Colombia through Beltran’s family history — marked by her father’s exile in 2015. Intertwining archives, photographs, and videos narrate political fights in a territory where Catholicism, santería, bullfighting, mafia culture and politics collide.

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Simple Moments Of An Emerging Presence

South Beach Promenade
 archive : 2021

The Alice Austen House presents New York City-based Mexican-American photographer Irma Bohórquez-Geisler’s series documenting the daily life within the local Mexican-American and Mexican-immigrant communities from within New York City—with a focus on Staten Island.

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dándoles sus flores (giving them their flowers)

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 3
 archive : 2021

giving them their flowers is a multimodal youth-led storytelling exhibit honoring matriarchs of color through collaged photographs and oral histories.

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Cheering on the Border

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 2
 archive : 2020

Cheering on the Border is a story of the border not as a boundary, but as a region, and how life in that region is experienced by a specific group of high school cheerleaders.

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The Museum of the Old Colony

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Empire Fulton Ferry Lawn
 archive : 2020

The Museum of the Old Colony is a conceptual art installation that examines the fraught relationship between the U.S., and its modern-day colony Puerto Rico, through the use of appropriated historical imagery and objects.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2019

Typecast is a satirical portrait series addressing cultural stereotypes perpetuated by the entertainment industry.

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Events and Sessions Tagged #Hispanic Voices

Oct 22021

Presentation And Discussion With The 2021 ZEKE Award Recipients

Three ZEKE Award recipients will present their winning projects and discuss doing documentary work in different parts of the world.

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