a group of people looking at a exhibition of Community Heroes at Photoville

Community Heroes

27 Jul 2019 CONTAINERS
a photo collage of the exhibit Community Heroes with men and woman of different ages

Featuring: Various Artists

Presented by

United Photo Industries with Trellis


Organized by

Jasmin Chang and Zac Martin / Trellis















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Community Heroes is a community organizing and public art project celebrating the everyday heroes of our neighborhoods. With a focus on historic residents, we collaborate with local artists to celebrate those who have been a faithful, stable presence in strengthening and supporting their neighborhoods.

We partner with overlooked communities, share beautiful stories already taking place within, build community among the old and new residents, and encourage ownership of the neighborhood.

We invite the Photoville community to tell us where to go next! What neighborhood would you like to see celebrated through Community Heroes?

Thumbnail photo Credit: Shawana Ryals


Trellis is a community development nonprofit that helps neighborhoods address injustice together.

Communities are only as strong as the ties that bind individuals and organizations together. Trellis’ mission is to create and manage collaborations with local churches, neighborhood groups, schools, other nonprofits, and social agencies to address neighborhood injustices.


United Photo Industries (UPI) is a New York based nonprofit organization that works to promote a wider understanding of, and increased access to, the art of photography.

Since its founding in 2011, UPI has rapidly solidified its position in the public art landscape by continuing to showcase thought-provoking, challenging, and exceptional photography from across the globe. In its first seven years, UPI has presented the work of more than 2,500 visual artists in gallery exhibitions and public art installations worldwide.

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