Hard hat collage

Constructing Equality

18 Aug 2020 Manhattan
Melissa in her construction uniform
Photo by Roshni Khatri

LOCATION: Chelsea Park – 10th Avenue between W 27th and W 28th Streets | Get Directions


Only 3.4 percent of construction trades workers are women. Working with their hands in the blue collar construction trades, the trailblazing women photographed for this project are bringing change, they are building the future.

These women in multiple trades: plumbers, carpenters, electricians, labourers, and sheet metal workers, not only work to construct buildings, but they are also forging paths for other women throughout the industry. Often the only woman on the job, criticized for being a woman, with no easy access to a restroom, are only some examples of the experiences these women experience every day at work.

The women photographed at work and at home, share their experiences of working in a male dominated industry, and about how they are now shaping the construction industry of New York.

Featuring: Roshni Khatri


Roshni Khatri is a documentary photographer currently based out of New York. She was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. She graduated with a bachelors in media and communications from the University of Delhi in 2017. After working in Mumbai as a producer and cinematographer at a film production house, Roshni moved to New York.

Khatri was a recipient of The Wall Street Journal Scholarship, and Director’s Scholarship, to pursue a full-time program in documentary practice and photojournalism, from the International Center of Photography. After graduating in 2019, she has worked for many organizations like The New York Times and NBC News. She was also a participant of the Eddie Adams Workshop XXXII.



www.roshnikhatri.com @khatriroshni