Building up on the continued success of United Photo Industries’ EmergiCube program, we have once again invited James Estrin and David Gonzalez, co-founders and photo editors of The New York Times Lens Blog, to nominate and curate a new set of exhibitions by emerging photographers who participated in the 2018 New York Portfolio Review. The photographers’ work will be featured outdoors on 4-foot high cubes scattered around Photoville. Those selected include Angela Ponce, Courtney Garvin, Eslah Attar, Esther Mbabazie, Gabriel Ellison-Snowcroft, Hadeer Mahmoud, Lebohang Kganye, Mark Kauzlarich, Mohamed Mahdy, Moriah Rattner, Sebastian Hidalgo, and Sinjun Strom

A Family in Transition

Featuring: Featuring: Jackie Molloy

Cimarrona: Women and African Spirituality

Featuring: Featuring: Johis Alarcón

Get It and Come Back

Featuring: Featuring: Kierra D. Branker

Kibera Stories

Featuring: Featuring: Brian Otieno

La Última

Featuring: Featuring: Verónica G. Cárdenas

Native America

Featuring: Featuring: Tailyr Irvine

Self Inverted

Featuring: Featuring: Junlin Zhu 朱俊林

The Cult of Souls

Featuring: Featuring: Fethi Sahraoui / Collective220


Featuring: Featuring: Sydelle Willow Smith