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Addressing Trauma: Resilience and Self-Care

This workshop provides an interactive, informal, and guided session around self-care and resilience.

Presenters: Juliana Ruhfus Gavin Rees

Location: Online

Presented by:

  • The ACOS Alliance

Supported by:

  • PhotoWings
  • Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation

In partnership with Dart Centre Europe.

Our Online Workshops are proudly supported by our partners PhotoWings with additional contribution by the Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation.

This workshop provides an interactive, informal, and guided session around self-care and resilience. It incorporates breathing techniques and facilitates an intimate exchange where participants can discuss doubts and share experiences. The workshop is open to photojournalists applying to our one-to-one safety clinics. Apply here.

Presenter Bios

  • Juliana Ruhfus

    Juliana Ruhfus

    Juliana is an award-winning journalist, filmmaker, and interactive producer. She works as the senior reporter for Al Jazeera’s People & Power programme. Juliana passionately believes that supporting trauma-aware reporting results in better understanding and coverage of the news.

    In 2010 she earned the prestigious Ochberg Fellowship, and a year later she received a scholarship for Harvard’s Global Trauma Program. In 2011 she joined the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma as a director on the European Board.

    Prior to her work at Al Jazeera, Juliana was a reporter on Channel 4’s ground-breaking current affairs series Unreported World. Juliana’s speciality has always been how to get into difficult and closed places. Her work for Channel 4, BBC, WDR, NHK, and other international broadcasters has earned her and the team nominations for the One World Media and Amnesty International awards.

  • Gavin Rees

    Gavin Rees

    Gavin works for Dart Centre Europe, a project of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University in New York City that is dedicated to promoting ethical and innovative approaches to the coverage of trauma and violence. The organization provides training and resources on the compassionate, professional, treatment of victims and survivors by journalists, narrative strategies for telling challenging stories, and how media organizations can safeguard the wellbeing of staff working on potentially traumatic assignments. Gavin works as a trauma awareness consultant for news organizations, NGOs, journalism schools, and documentary production houses across Europe.

    Earlier in his career, Gavin produced news for U.S., British, and Japanese news channels, and documentary films for the BBC, and Channel 4. He was a lead producer on Hiroshima, a BBC documentary drama that won an International Emmy in 2006. Gavin is a board member of the European Society of Traumatic Stress and the U.K. Psychological Trauma Society.


  • The ACOS Alliance

    The ACOS Alliance

    The ACOS (A Culture of Safety) Alliance is a unique global coalition of 150+ news organizations, journalist associations and press freedom NGOs working together to champion safe and responsible journalism practices, with a focus on freelance and local journalists. ACOS leverages the expertise and resources of its stakeholders to democratize access to safety expertise and training for under-resourced journalists and newsrooms; raises safety standards through the Freelance Journalist Safety Principles; and advances safety best practice, innovation and collaboration among news organizations, NGOs and journalists.

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