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BagNewsSalon: Reading Key News Photos of 2014

Our distinguished Photoville panel will discuss ten key images that have appeared in 2014, including photos by Todd Heisler on immigration on “The Way North,” and Mario Tama on his extensive coverage of Brazil and the World Cup.

Presenters: Michael Shaw David Campbell Meg Handler Carolyn Cole Todd Heisler Robert Mackey James Wellford Mario Tama

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 5 Uplands

Presented by:

  • BagNewsNotes

Talking about photos is not the same as giving them a close read, drawing out their effects and their impact in the media, the social media and the social and political sphere. The BagNewsSalon brings together the eyes and voices of leading photojournalists, editors, visual academics and highly-informed observers to discuss and analyze the most vital and interesting news images of the day. Our distinguished Photoville panel will discuss ten key images that have appeared in 2014, including photos by Todd Heisler on immigration on “The Way North,” and Mario Tama on his extensive coverage of Brazil and the World Cup.

Presenter Bios

  • Michael Shaw

    Michael Shaw

    Michael Shaw is a clinical psychologist and publisher of Reading the Pictures, the visual and media literacy nonprofit dedicated to the daily analysis of news images. He also writes and lectures on visual politics and photojournalism. He is a regular contributor to the Columbia Journalism Review, and his work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times MagazineThe New RepublicSalonQuartz, and American Photo.

  • David Campbell

    David Campbell

    David Campbell is an independent writer, researcher, lecturer and producer who analyzes visual storytelling and creates new visual stories. In 2013, Campbell was appointed Secretary to the World Press Photo contest jury. Prior to that, he directed the World Press Photo Multimedia Research Project, and written and presented its report Visual Storytelling in the Age of Post-Industrial Journalism. Campbell is a visiting Professor in the Northern Centre of Photography at Sunderland Universityand during Fall 2014 he will be the A. Lindsay O’Connor Professor in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program, Colgate University, New York.

  • Meg Handler

    Meg Handler

    Meg Handler is Editor at Large for BagNews. The former photo editor of The Village Voice, Meg has also worked at U.S. News & World Report, Blender, New York Magazine, COLORS and Polaris Images. She has edited a number of books, including the monograph, Phil Stern: A Life’s Work, PAPARAZZI by Peter Howe, and POT CULTURE by Shirley Halperin and Steve Bloom. After 20 years in the photography business, she worked as the principle photographer for The Grant Park Music Festival at Millennium Park, and BIGArt at Navy Pier. Meg received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology.

  • Carolyn Cole

    Carolyn Cole

    An established photographer with many prestigious awards to her credit, Carolyn Cole currently operates as a staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times. Focused on capturing compelling images in new and interesting ways, Carolyn is passionate about the stories she tells through imagery.

    Over the years, Ms. Cole has covered many stories both domestic and abroad. Her work in Liberia earned a Pulitzer Prize for feature photography. She has also worked on assignments throughout Iraq, Israel, Haiti, Kenya, and beyond. Featured in publications including COLOR MagazineTIME, and The Pulitzer Prize Photographs, Carolyn continues to develop and enhance her own unique style.

  • Todd Heisler

    Todd Heisler

    Todd Heisler is a New York Times staff photographer based in New York City. His work often explores major news stories and how they affect the lives of individuals. In recent years he traveled the U.S. extensively—photographing stories around immigration and elections. During the pandemic he remained in New York, documenting the impact of the coronavirus across the city while, like all journalists, living the story himself.

    Heisler’s dogged commitment to this story is evident in other major COVID-19 coverage throughout the crisis. “The New York City of Our Imagination” is a visual contemplation of city life during the pandemic; “The Epicenter” documented Elmhurst, Queens—a neighborhood ravaged by COVID-19.

    In 2006, as a staff photographer for the Rocky Mountain News, Heisler received the Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography, as well as other recognitions for “Final Salute,” a project that examined the life of a Marine Casualty Assistance Officer and the families of Marines killed in the Iraq War. In 2010, he won a National News and Documentary Emmy as the sole photographer for “One in 8 Million,” a New York Times multimedia project that profiled 54 New Yorkers every week for a year.

  • Robert Mackey

    Robert Mackey

    Robert Mackey is a New York-based foreign correspondent for The New York Times focused on gathering evidence of news events in the form of firsthand accounts from witnesses posted online. He was previously the editor of The New York Times The Lede blog for 5 years.

  • James Wellford

    James Wellford

    James Wellford was a senior photo editor at Newsweek magazine. He has collaborated on a number of award-winning projects recognized by World Press Photo, the Overseas Press Club, and at the Visa Pour L’Image. Additionally, he has curated a number of exhibitions including Projections of Reality (Moscow), Darkness Visible, Afghanistan by Seamus Murphy (VII Gallery, New York City), and is a co-founder of the group SeenUnseen, a series of programs that explores in-depth visual stories addressing controversial political issues. Wellford teaches at the International Center of Photography in New York.

  • Mario Tama

    Mario Tama

    Mario Tama was a freelancer for the Washington Post and Agence France-Press, before joining Getty Images as a staff photographer in 2001 and has since covered global events including September 11, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the funeral of Pope John Paul II and Hurricane Katrina. His work on Baghdad’s orphans was exhibited at Visa Pour L’Image in France and his photographs from Hurricane Katrina were featured in National Geographic, Newsweek and newspapers worldwide. In 2008 he was nominated for an Emmy for his documentary work on Coney Island and won Cliff Edom’s New America Award for his work in New Orleans, amongst numerous other honors.


  • BagNewsNotes


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