Jun 22024

Cameras and Coffee with Brandon Ruffin

Cameras and Coffee with Brandon Ruffin presented by Leica Camera.

Presenters: Brandon Ruffin

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza

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Presented by:

  • Leica Camera

Cameras and Coffee Club meet-ups are monthly gatherings, bringing together photographers, filmmakers, and multidisciplinary creatives with the goal of growing a vibrant local community that promotes networking, collaboration and philanthropy. Our gatherings take place at local cafes, galleries and camera shops with a selection of quality indie-coffees, art and cameras. Join the Cameras and Coffee meet up this year at Photoville presented by Leica Camera.

Presenter Bios

  • Brandon Ruffin

    Brandon Ruffin

    Brandon Ruffin is a photographer, Web-3 futurist, award winning filmmaker, and writer based in Oakland California.

    Currently a Leica Ambassador, he  fell in love with the visual medium over 17 years ago. Brandon currently works on a research team in the area of Computational Photography at Google pushing the capabilities of AI, machine learning and traditional photography.

    Brandon finds himself drawn to stories that dissect humanity, most often through the world of portraiture and reportage. Brandon has given lectures at academic institutions such a Cal Berkeley as well as instructional workshops inside tech spaces such as Apple, VSCO, and Google.

    Brandon has a passion for working with marginalized communities and in neighborhoods that are often overlooked and underrepresented.

    Brandon is a contributor for publications such as Rolling Stone, New York Times, and the SF Chronicle.

    A founding member of OAKSPC (Oakland Street Photography Club) and Cameras and Coffee


  • Leica Camera

    Leica Camera

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    Leica Camera is founded on a tradition of optical excellence and a conscious focus on the essentials of exquisite image making. For over a century, the brand has motivated visual storytelling through the quintessential union of craftsmanship, design and experience, providing essential tools that influence the art, culture and creation of photography. Photoville attendees can see this firsthand at the Leica Pavilion, which will showcase a one-of-a-kind photographic experience through a variety of interactive Leica activities designed to ignite your passion for photography.

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