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Learn the basics of the historic cyanotype process, and make your own images using an assortment of translucent items and the sunlight to expose your prints!

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza

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Presented by:

  • Penumbra Foundation

Penumbra Foundation will offer an introductory workshop to the Cyanotype Process. Participants of the workshop will be given a piece of paper pre-coated with the Cyanotype synthesizer, on which they will place small objects (supplied) before placing this assembly in sunlight. After the exposure, the paper will be developed in a tray of tap water.

This workshop is specially designed to introduce children to the Cyanotype Process, however, adults are certainly welcome to participate. All materials are provided, though small, transparent and/or translucent objects may be brought to the workshop, as well as black and white negatives up to 5″ x 7″.


  • Penumbra Foundation

    Penumbra Foundation

    Penumbra Foundation is a nonprofit organization that brings together the art and science of photography through education, research, outreach, and public and residency programs. Our goal is to be a comprehensive resource for photographers at any level, artists, students, professionals, historians, researchers, conservators, and curators.

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