Jun 302012
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Film Winding

Wind exotic 35mm cinematography film into re-usable still film canisters. Tools supplied are Bulk Loader, Dark-room Bag, Canister, and know-how. Presented by George Campbell

Presenters: George Campbell

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 3

Presented by:

  • ORWO

Learn how to wind 35mm cinematography, raw-stock film into 35mm still Film cartridges! Spool rare, B&W ORWO UN54 (ASA 100) & N74plus (ASA 400) raw-stock films into re-usable canisters.

Our tools, 35mm ORWO Cine Film, 35mm Film Winder, and Dark Room Bag.

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  • ORWO


    ORWO North America manufactures 16mm & 35mm B&W film used to document and preserve art, culture and history.

    Our truest intentions are to support the cinematography, sound recording, archival, photographic and lab/processing industry, by supplying the highest quality film product available.

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