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How to Visually Define Historic Moments: Brian Bowen Smith

Brian Bowen Smith

Brian Bowen Smith

Embark on a visual road trip for a glimpse of a socially distanced country in distress and hope through a visual series by Brian Bowen Smith.

Presenters: Brian Bowen Smith

Speakers: Antonio DiBenedetto

Location: Online

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  • Leica Camera

Embark on a visual road trip for a glimpse of a socially distanced country in distress and hope through a visual series by Brian Bowen Smith.

What started out as taking a drive to snap a few photos, in his old girl “Pearl…” a classic 1958 Ford F100, has grown into a multi-faceted cross-country project of a lifetime. Brian Bowen Smith’s journey implements the new-normal of social distancing while documenting the soul of American culture during the Covid-19 World Pandemic. At a time when a mandated quarantine plagues our beautiful country, this project encompasses the raw essence of the human condition, our sentimental traditions and, at its core, the heart of our people – from sea to shining sea.

Emotions are high, as everyone Smith met throughout this journey has touched his heart. Having traveled 11,000 miles and with a way to go before the journey is over, it is time to further the project in a way to bring real relief to the many people that have been affected by Covid-19. The idea is to raise funding to produce a coffee-table book – an artful documentation of our history as seen through a socially distanced concept, but in no way disconnected from its content and subjects. Thus far, Smith is overwhelmed by the out-pour of love and support for #bbsdrivebys and is amazed at the beauty of our country and the stories of the people it holds.

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Presenter Bios

  • Brian Bowen Smith

    Brian Bowen Smith

    Born and raised in New York, Brian became a professional photographer by a less than traditional route. After catching the eye of Herb Ritts while performing as a pro athlete in a print campaign, the legendary photographer became a friend and mentor, helping Brian to find his personal photographic sytle. Brian has been working steadily ever since, shooting for countless publications and commercial clients, as well as publishing two books and focusing heavily on his fine art photography. When Brian’s not shooting, you will find him surfing, snowboarding or riding his motorcycle. Brian lives in Los Angeles with his wife and young son.

Speaker Bios

  • Antonio DiBenedetto

    Antonio Di Benedetto is Leica Camera’s Product Specialist. He has extensive experience in the photo industry, both from the consumer and trade perspective. Equally passionate about the art of photography as he is for photographic equipment, Antonio is highly skilled at pairing a photographer’s vision with the perfect creative tools, offering new techniques and insights along the way.


  • Leica Camera

    Leica Camera

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