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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Meet the Artist Photowalk with Tristan Zhou

Tristan Zhou

Tristan Zhou

Photowalk with Tristan Zhou — Japanese by birth, Tristan lived in China from the age of 11 and now works as a freelancer in Seattle — where he captures arresting architectural images.

Speakers: Tristan Zhou

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 1

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  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Join our Adobe-sponsored photowalk with photographer and videographer Tristan Zhou, who plays with form, volume and perspective to set a new vision for lifestyle and urban photography. We will visit some notable local spots and highlight things to consider when photographing your subject, such as how varying your composition can have a dramatic impact and how differences in light can really make your images pop. Tristan will share his unique perspective with the group on this photowalk.

Meet at Adobe Tent at the Entrance to Pier 1


Speaker Bios

  • Tristan Zhou

    Tristan Zhou

    Tristan Zhou is the very archetype of the cosmopolitan artist. The photographer and videographer is Japanese by birth but has lived in China from the age of 11. After graduating from the Institute of Visual Art in Shanghai with a BFA in photography, he continued his education in film studies in San Francisco. He currently works as a freelancer in Seattle.

    He is deeply attached to Asia, where he travels regularly. He has begun a photography project on the megalopolises of the continent of his birth. “I particularly appreciate the cultural richness that you find in the majority of Asian cities,” he explains. “Many cities in Asia are densely populated, like Hong Kong, for example, and I am interested in the way that people built these cities.”

    Zhou plays with form, volume, and perspective to set out a new vision for lifestyle and urban photography. His photographs, which are always very dynamic, capture the vitality of the Asian continent. He has no compunction about making composite images and, unusually, showing the post-production work he does in Photoshop Lightroom publicly.

    “We are too oversaturated with various images and videos. My mission is to create something that is not only eye-catching, but meaningful storytelling.”


  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

    We look forward to seeing you at our Adobe tent at Photoville! Our photographers will be there opening weekend—Saturday and Sunday from 12-7pm. Join us
    — for photowalks throughout each day, some with models to photograph, and we will be editing live some of the photos taken!
    — to see tips and tricks on mobile photography, working with color, black and white, removing unwanted or distracting elements from your images, etc.
    — and let us show you how quick and easy editing on the go is with your mobile phone!

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