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Safety 101 for Visual Journalists

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A practical 2-hour workshop introducing visual journalists to safety as a pillar for professionalism and best practice.

Presenters: Ariel Zambelich Yemile Bucay

Location: International Center of Photography

Presented by:

  • The ACOS Alliance
  • The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)
  • Photoville

Supported by:

  • Leica Camera
  • The International Center of Photography (ICP)

This practical two hour workshop offers visual journalists an introduction to safety as a pillar of professionalism, while providing the essential tools and knowledge needed to adhere to best practices. It will cover the basics of:

The workshop will be centered around psychological safety, profile and identity, and will highlight the importance of a holistic approach to safety and security. It will facilitate an informal exchange where participants can voice doubts, ask questions and share experience. It will also include case studies and exercises.

At Photoville Festival 2023, The ACOS Alliance and CPJ will also be offering their signature one-on-one Safety Clinics free for freelance photojournalists. We’ll be opening up sign ups next week, so keep an eye open!

Presenter Bios

  • Ariel Zambelich

    Ariel Zambelich

    Ariel Zambelich is a Lead Photo Editor on the National and Washington desks for the Wall Street Journal, where she collaborates to tell stories through photojournalism and design. She previously worked at The Intercept, NPR Visuals, and WIRED, and was a freelance photographer for over a decade. She is on the board of Authority Collective, an organization that amplifies the voices of female-identifying and nonbinary lens-based creators of color through community action, and was formerly an organizer with the Freelance Solidarity Project, a union for freelance media workers.

  • Yemile Bucay

    Yemile Bucay

    Yemile Bucay is a journalism risk expert with experience designing and implementing multi-stakeholder safety and security policies in newsrooms, delivering safety trainings, crafting risk assessments, and providing overwatch to journalists in the field. She takes an intersectional approach, centering the identity of individuals working on a story within the contexts of the outlet and the operational reporting environment. Her goal is to promote a culture of safety in order to have a sustainable, resilient, and free press.

    She was BuzzFeed’s Risk & Security Manager, where she worked with staff and freelance journalists of BuzzFeed News and HuffPost. She was also a Fellow in the International Women’s Media Foundation’s Next Gen Safety Trainers program, a cohort of media security professionals trained for the newly emergent risks faced in media today. Yemile is a journalist by education and background. Her work has appeared in the Columbia Journalism Review, Broadly, Newsweek, Tablet, and Rest of World. She has also taught as an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia.

    Yemile received a B.A. in Humanities from Yale University, and a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.


  • The ACOS Alliance

    The ACOS Alliance

    The ACOS Alliance works to embed a culture of safety across newsrooms, and among freelance and local journalists worldwide. Their mission is to champion safe and responsible journalistic practices and implement practical and effective initiatives.

    At Photoville Festival 2023, The ACOS Alliance will be returning with their signature one-on-one Safety Clinics, as well as a live, in person workshop providing visual journalists an introduction to safety as a pillar for professionalism, while providing the essential tools and knowledge needed to adhere to best practices. We’ll be opening up sign ups next week, so keep an eye open!


  • The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)

    The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)

    The Committee to Protect Journalists is an independent, non-profit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide. We defend the right of journalists to report on the news safely and without fear of reprisal.

  • Photoville


    Founded in 2011 in Brooklyn, NY, Photoville was built on the principles of addressing cultural equity and inclusion, which we are always striving for, by ensuring that the artists we exhibit are diverse in gender, class, and race.

    In pursuit of its mission, Photoville produces an annual, city-wide open air photography festival in New York City, a wide range of free educational community initiatives, and a nationwide program of public art exhibitions.

    By activating public spaces, amplifying visual storytellers, and creating unique and highly innovative exhibition and programming environments, we join the cause of nurturing a new lens of representation.

    Through creative partnerships with festivals, city agencies, and other nonprofit organizations, Photoville offers visual storytellers, educators, and students financial support, mentorship, and promotional & production resources, on a range of exhibition opportunities.

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