Nicholas Dupont
Helena Kubicka

Athena Abdien, Paria Ahmadi, Nicholas Alvarez, Federica Berra, Frida Braide, Nicholas Dupont, Yulin Gu, Kuan Hsieh, Thomas Iacobucci, Helena Kubicka, Hao-Wei Lin, Sidian Liu, Dexter Lopez, Sean Manuel, Camilla Mecagni, Eliza Newman, Belinda Okuya, Drishti Verma, Trenton Teinert, Ryland West, Blaine Williams, Isaiah Winters, Beiyuan Zhang

A Deliberate Impression features the work of current MFA photography students from Parsons School of Design in New York City. The 23 artists shown highlight the various ways of seeing, representing, and creating within the medium of photography. Drawing from their personal perspectives and experiences, these artists present us with a wide spectrum of responses to an increasingly complex world. Within the works presented in this exhibition, one finds: clarity in abstraction, considerations on the real and the hyper real, political proposals, personal reflections, and imagination. These young artists are gifted, reflective, sensitive, and committed. In viewing the work in this exhibition, the greatest thing one finds is the individual talents and unique vision of each of these emerging artists.


  • Parsons School of Design

    Parsons School of Design

    A pioneer in art and design education for more than a century, Parsons School of Design is one of the most prestigious and comprehensive colleges of art and design in the world. Critical thinking, collaboration, and reflective practice are at the heart of a Parsons education. Located in the heart of New York City, the school offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the full spectrum of design disciplines. A student-centered curriculum allows for both focused and interdisciplinary learning to master concepts, technologies, and research methods that cut across a wide array of fields. By synthesizing theory with craft, and combining art and design studies with the liberal arts and business, Parsons prepares its students to shape scholarship in their field and make art and design that matters. Its faculty of notable artists, design practitioners, critics, historians, writers, and scholars exemplify an extraordinary breadth of vision. The graduate Photography program functions as a 21st-century studio and think tank. The goal of the 26-month program is to prepare graduates to define the creative role of photography within contemporary culture, as practicing artists and scholars. Challenging participants to move beyond current paradigms—to anticipate and set trends, rather than follow them.

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A Deliberate Impression

 archive : 2022

Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Jim Ramer

Presented by: Parsons School of Design
  • Parsons School of Design
  • NYC Parks


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Old Fulton Street and Prospect Street
DUMBO, Brooklyn 11201

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