Brittany Cohen
Brittany Cohen

Featuring: Nir Arieli, Sofiya Brisker, Andres Burgos, Xi Sinsong, Azhar Chougle, Phoebe Chung, Brittany Cohen, David Cooke, Supranav Dash, Paige Greco, Kihae Kim, Brian James Kip, May Lin LeGoff, Olivia Locher, Tommy Nisenson, Nasrah Omar, Sully Romero, Christopher Smith, Francesca Tamse, Patricia Voulgaris, Jonathan Weiskopf, and AnRong Xu

Chosen from the class of 2013 and 2012, these alumni from the BFA Photography Department exemplify the diversity of practice that the program cultivates and that the medium encourages. Despite this pluralism, the work is unified by a spirit of invention and a restless form of inquiry, as well as being deeply informed about the contemporary photographic conversation.

Students in the BFA Photography Department are immersed in all aspects of commercial and fine art photography, giving them a better understanding of various genres, ideas and vocabularies. With access to cutting-edge facilities—as well as a 100-plus faculty of photographers, museum directors, critics, art directors, photo editors and photography collectors—students are able to cultivate their own sensibility and visual style.


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    School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City is an established leader and innovator in the education of artists. From its inception in 1947, the faculty has been comprised of professionals working in the arts and art-related fields. SVA provides an environment that nurtures creativity, inventiveness and experimentation, enabling students to develop a strong sense of identity and a clear direction of purpose.


BFA Photography Department

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