Ricky Powell / Rock Paper Photo
Ricky Powell / Rock Paper Photo

Featuring: Matt Ellis, Anna Webber, Angus Smythe, Chi Modu, Andy Willsher, Kirk Weddle, Mathias Clamer, William Coupon, Deborah Feingold, Ricky Powell, Peter Simon, Stephen Paley, Martyn Goddard, Michael Zagaris, Tom Murray, Henry Grossman.

The exhibition is all about discovery — of emerging music photographers who are just beginning to refine their craft and their personal voice; of accomplished photographers who are only now making their work available as fine art for the first time; of unseen works that were shot decades ago but never published but more than stand the test of time. The exhibition features a body of outstanding music photography by 25 photographers who are represented by Rock Paper Photo. The featured prints span all decades from the 1960s to the present. Each print is hand-signed by the photographer and available for sale as a limited edition.


  • Rock Paper Photo

    Rock Paper Photo

    Rock Paper Photo is the ultimate online gallery where collectors as well as fans can go to discover photographers, browse and collect fine art, and connect with their favorite artists. The website has assembled some of the most historic moments ever captured on film and provides a haven for fans and collectors. Rock Paper Photo specializes in largely unpublished hand-signed limited edition prints of legendary musicians and other pop culture personalities. It features the work of more than 150 emerging and established photographers.

Blinded By the Light

 archive : 2012

Featuring: Various Artists

Presented by: Rock Paper Photo
  • Rock Paper Photo


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