Featuring: Jan Banning, Olivier van Breugel & Simone Mudde, Janus van der Eijnden, Jasper Groen, Chantal Heijnen in collaboration with Bami Adedoyin, Vivian Keulards, Carla Kogelman, Bas Losekoot, Marieke van der Velden, Martin Waalboer

The discovery of New Amsterdam is a well known example from the past. Nowadays many artist get inspired abroad. Photographers are the antennae of society, they have their own ideas about what is going on and know how to create the right image that reflects that idea and makes people think.

This year we chose to present the vision of Dutch photographers on their surrounding world, much of it focused on the US. Presented by FotoFestival Naarden.


  • FotoFestival Naarden

    FotoFestival Naarden

    FotoFestival Naarden is the oldest photofestival of the Netherlands. It is held once every two years in spring at the medieval and fortified town of Naarden. It is a festival that deals with contemporary and storytelling photography from professional Dutch photographers.


Don’t Stay Here

 archive : 2013

Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Feiko Koster Eduard Planting

Presented by: FotoFestival Naarden
  • FotoFestival Naarden


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