Deana Collins
Deana Collins
George Kamper
Seila Montes
Michelle Watt

Featuring: George Kamper, Amanda Bjorn, Deana Collins, Michelle Watt, Seila Montes, Yuvraj Khanna, Poppie Robertson

As viewers, we long for connection to memorable moments that capture, captivate, and distinguish a period in time. The tale a single image can tell might evoke an emotional response, captivating viewers even further and burning the image into memory, allowing an audience to unfold stories of their own–all in response to a single photograph.

In Duggal’s Capture the Moment 2020 Photo Contest, we asked visual storytellers across North America to submit a photo of one captured moment. The story it tells may be abstract, concrete, internal or external–but their image must provide a unique record of one moment of inspiration.

We are so proud to be co-sponsoring the Yamba Malawi art challenge with our partners at ARTS THREAD to shine a light on the non profit organization, Yamba Malawi, and all they do to support and empower the communities in Malawi. Your Art Gallery is passionate about supporting artists and using art to communicate and inspire change. We wanted to challenge the emerging artists and designers from the ARTS THREAD platform to use their creativity and artistic ability to weave a socially conscious story and create beautiful artwork that uplifts art lovers and enthusiasts across the globe.

Congratulations to George Kamper, the Grand Prize Winner, Poppie Robertson, the Yamba Malawi Challenge Winner, and our Finalists!

George Kamper
Capture the Moment 2020 Grand Prize Winner

A photographer, director, and storyteller, George’s quest for beautiful imagery allows him to create in a wide range of disciplines. Inspired by diversity and gifted with the ability to bring his various experiences into focus, he excels at perceiving and extracting answers visually, while satisfying a myriad of clients. George takes on every project with a fresh perspective, deep curiosity, and a willingness to test and explore. He delights clients with his solutions and enjoys a multidisciplinary career.

In his free time–split between New York and Miami–George enjoys scuba diving and boating with his wife Sherryl, and their children Nicholas and Alexandra.



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    Duggal Visual Solutions has been at the forefront of innovation in visual communication and multimedia solutions for more than half a century, partnering with clientele from the independent photographer to the world’s most recognized museums and galleries. Our annual Capture the Moment Photo Contest is held in honor of our late visionary founder, Baldev Duggal.

Duggal Presents its Annual Photo Contest: Capture The Moment

 archive : 2020

Featuring: Various Artists

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