Partner Organizations and Cooperatives: Adhikaar, Apple Eco Cleaning, Brightly, La Colmena Community Job Center, Love and Learn, Lunicorns.

Project Luz: Gladys Almonte, Adonis Anchundia, Elvia Arellano, Yuli Baena, Corina Bartra, Manuel Cando, Mariana Castro, Roberta Chalini, Miguel Nieto Córdoba, Carmen De Los Santos, Sobeyra Diaz, Elder Esteban, Clara Fajardo, Patricia Huancayo, Adriana Lemus, Lydia Medina, Veronica Muñoz, Guadalupe Nava, Rosario Pascuale, Javit Pastrana, Veronica Ramirez, Valeria Reyes, Melani Rid, Alejandra Rodriguez, Juliana Salazar, Karem Sandigo, Laura Valderrama, Claudia Yac, Paola Zorzenon

Project Luz is a nomadic space to share, learn, and experiment using photography as a tool of empowerment for immigrant communities. Project Luz partners with community groups and organizations to facilitate encounters where participants learn and co-create images inspired by identity and life stories. At Project Luz, workshop participants explore their experience of the city, and present stories from their individual migrant perspectives.

Workers are engaged in art making and storytelling strategies under El Worker’s Studio project for several months. In these encounters, facilitated through artist Sol Aramendi, immigrant workers learn photography and produce new work. They share their life stories of resilience and immigration, and how their peers empower them to succeed. They discuss the value of their work and photograph their daily routine.


  • Project Luz

    Project Luz

    Project Luz is a nomadic space to share, learn, and experiment using photography and art as a tool of empowerment for immigrant communities.

El Worker’s Studio / El Estudio de los Trabajadores

 archive : 2019

Featuring: Various Artists

Presented by: Project Luz
  • Project Luz

Supported by:

  • United Photo Industries (UPI)


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