Faces of the Ferry offers a glimpse into the wide range of everyday people who interact with New York City’s East River. Whether commuters, leisure travelers, tourists, or just occasional riders for whatever the reason, these people are the heartbeat of the East River Ferry. With our destinations in mind (and our coffee, mobile devices and e-readers in hand), we often exchange only a fleeting glance with those around us. This exhibition dives deeper into what draws people to this river, which, despite its name is actually not even a river, but is instead a salt-water tidal straight that connects NY Harbor with Long Island Sound and separates Manhattan and the Bronx from Brooklyn and Queens. Our subjects reveal diverse interactions with the ferry, which has quickly established itself as a leading transportation alternative. In observing and learning more about the people we pass by on a daily basis, we’re reminded that their unique human experiences are anything but ordinary…as are they themselves.


  • NYC Ferry

    NYC Ferry

    NYC Ferry, operated by Hornblower, connects Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx via 21 waterfront landings in New York City.

Faces of the Ferry

 archive : 2014

Featuring: Lindsay Giuffrida William McMillian

Curated by: Paul Samulski Franny Civitano Lindsay Giuffrida

Presented by: NYC Ferry
  • NYC Ferry


View Location Details Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 5 Uplands

NY 11201

Location open 24 hours

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