Kormiyaki Lamarr
Kormiyaki Lamarr

Featuring: Rushank Agrawal, Brenda Cantu, Nitin Doppalapudi, Thomas Locke Hobbs, Alejandro Ibarra, Mark Joseph, Kormiyaki Lamarr, Lorena Pachñn, Ziomara Ramirez, Laura Rossignol, Monika Sedziute, Daryl Spiegel, Tanne Udden, Dia Wang, Tanne Willow, Wen

Curated by: David Mager and Joan Pamboukes (Photoville Curators) Amanda Rowan, Kean O’Brien, and Naomi White (Faculty Advisors and Editors of FAYN)

FAYN is a collaborative photography magazine produced by the New York Film Academy Photography Department. The magazine features students, faculty, and alumni whose work explores contemporary concepts in art and culture.

We are a community of global visual storytellers, with students and faculty from around the world. We thrive in our constant engagement with a multitude of perspectives and aesthetic practices. We mine our diverse understandings of cultural identity, beauty, and symbolism in the collective pursuit of artmaking. As faculty advisors and editors, we see the inspiring voices of emerging image-makers represented in this magazine, alongside the deep values that guide our program.

FAYN is a platform for visual expression and a celebration of printed media. In this fast-moving era of digital imaging, FAYN serves to slow down the experience of viewing photography and art. We hope that you take the time to savor the experience of flipping through the pages.

We want to thank the students and faculty who participated in the inaugural issues of FAYN. We are honored to guide, teach and learn from such creative and talented artists.


  • Photo Arts Conservatory at New York Film Academy

    Photo Arts Conservatory at New York Film Academy

    As one of the leading photography schools, the Photo Arts Conservatory at New York Film Academy offers students the remarkable opportunity to study under award-winning professional photographers who remain active in many genres of photography, from fine art to fashion, commercial work, and photojournalism.

    The Conservatory’s photography instructors are not solely interested in producing competent photographers. They inspire artists–each possessing a unique, singular voice–to make their work immediately recognizable. The curriculum and the faculty at the photography school are focused on preparing students to apply what they have learned in class and in their coursework, directly into practice anywhere in the world.

    Simply stated, students receive an extraordinary educational experience, designed to best prepare them to achieve their professional goals.

FAYN Magazine

 archive : 2018

Featuring: Various Artists

Presented by: Photo Arts Conservatory at New York Film Academy
  • Photo Arts Conservatory at New York Film Academy


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